10 Easy Blog Post Ideas to Get You Started

Work on your brand new website design has just finished - brilliant! We hope you’re happy with it! However, perhaps something feels missing… ah yes, a blog!

Writing blog posts not only shows your readers that you’re still alive and doing what you do best, but it can also increase traffic to your website and provide some lovely search engine optimisation benefits.

Starting a blog from scratch can seem a little daunting though… I mean, what do you write about? Luckily, we’ve already compiled a list of easy ideas to help you beef up that blog section! Read on for the full list...

Company News

There’s always something going on in your business! Be open and transparent with people and share it with the world!

Industry News

Here’s an opportunity to show prospective clients you know your stuff! Sharing the latest industry news proves you do your homework and suggests that you genuinely take an interest in your profession. Some industry news may even affect the work you do and people might want reassurance you have everything covered (*cough* Brexit *cough*).

If you can go one step further and make predictions about the future, you’ll really show your expertise and people might start to trust your blog as a source.

Case Studies

Why not take the time to prove you do what you say you can do? With a case study, people can see a real life example of how your business has benefited others in the past. Not only will it make for a great read, but it will also make people trust you more.

A How-to post

People love getting something for nothing and a how-to post is the best way to do it! In fact, that’s what we’re doing right now! If you’re still reading, you’re hopefully finding this page insightful or useful and will maybe even come back again for more (talk about meta, right?).

Mistakes or things to avoid

Sometimes negative posts can work to draw in readers because, unlike a how-to post, there’s an element of mystery. “What are these things I should avoid, and am I making these mistakes?” Questions like this can draw readers in so they can enjoy your content. It’s a little like click-bait, but everyone does it now and then. Just don’t overdo it!

Behind the scenes post

Show them how it's done! If you’re a little stuck for content, an easy thing to do is to simply show people what you do day-in, day-out. For you, it’s just the everyday routine, but for potential leads it can be quite informative or insightful.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to show off the unique selling points of your business. Let’s say you’re a manufacturing business that prides itself on its high quality - talk about the rigorous quality checks that you perform.

Share a video or infographic

Some people like to read a lengthy chunk of text but others just fall asleep! Another type of blog post you can create to engage this particular type of person is by making a video or infographic. This can be brand new information or you can even recycle old blog content into this exciting new format.

Seasonal Posts

It probably goes without saying that if your business is seasonal, you should probably already be doing this. If you’re a florist, you’re definitely going to want to create content around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day for example. But that’s common sense! As a professional, you know that already.

However, even if your business is not the seasonal type, you can always try to relate it to your favourite seasonal events. This could be anything from Christmas to Pancake Day.

Write local

If you’re a local business, tailoring your blog post to the local area is a great idea. With a local focus, you’ll be able to show you’re the best business in the area with your offering. You’ll also close yourself off to unwanted business that you might not be able to fulfil.

And with all this writing about your area, you’ll rack up a good amount of geographically relevant keywords, which are ideal for local SEO!

Dedicate a post to an FAQ

Create a list of your frequently asked questions and then turn each one into a separate blog post. By doing this, not only do you generate a good chunk of content, you might also save yourself from answering that same question over and over again.

Hopefully, these ideas will give you a good headstart when it comes to building your blog. The last thing you want is for people to visit the blog only to find it’s out of date or empty. However, we recognise that finding the time to regularly write up all of these blogs can be time-consuming, especially if you want to get it right and also hit that SEO nail on the head. At PS, our door’s always open for you to come in and chat about how we can help you build your blog.

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