Why PPC Ads and Landing URL Need to be on the Same page

Why Home is not always where the heart is?

Setting your PPC campaign to land on your home page gets people to your website and there is a chance of a sale or a lead. But what happens if you create a landing page specific to the search terms that are getting people to your PPC ad? More conversions!

People search because they have an itch to scratch, and you want to match that need with your solution. If you create a page that gives reassurance that you can address a specific need for your visitors (ie. the targeted search term in your ad), then you will more likely motivate them to become a customer.

Is it enough to get them through the door?

You know that you have the perfect product to serve your market, so you just need to get the people searching for that to your website. The homepage is the main page on your website, what could be better? Getting them to click on your ad is the important bit, isn’t it? What is your conversion rate? If you want it to be higher and your ads are going to the homepage, consider this -

If you went into a department store and asked where the hoovers are, which answer would you prefer:

  1. Yes, we have them on display in the store. Just look around and you’ll find the hoovers.
  2. Oh, it’s on the second floor, behind the sofas. Would you like me to take you right there and do you want me to show you what is great about our hoovers?

The first answer is like being sent from a highly targeted PPC ad about a specific product to the homepage. The second answer would be like sending someone to a targeted and well planned landing page for that product. Which one would be a better experience and more likely to get a customer motivated to buy? The key in PPC is to attract your potential customers to a part of your website that tells them your offer answers the need in their search.

Give them the reassurance that you will fulfil the promise of your ad

PPC search is a straightforward idea to entice people who want what you have to offer and only pay if they are interested enough to click. This only pays off if they then buy your product or service. To do this right, you need to take seriously the need to get what they see on your website right so that the visitor’s expectations are met.

Getting clicks from potential visitors is only half the story, and it is the part of PPC that costs money! You should send them to the right landing page: make sure you get more conversions by doing more than getting people to your homepage.

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