Laravel - Is It The Best Framework For Bespoke Builds?

Why Laravel Is The Best Framework For Bespoke Builds

If you're looking for a beautifully bespoke website, WordPress may not have the functions your business needs. WordPress will be able to get started with what's necessary but won't allow customisation of features tailored specifically towards yourself or your company brand image - when it comes down to robust websites built on top-quality software like Laravel then this is where things stand out most! This platform was also voted "Best Framework" by Google Trends which means there are plenty who agree about its worthiness as an investment into any web developer’s portfolio.

Laravel Framework

Laravel is a free, open source framework that’s becoming increasingly popular and is now considered to be the best PHP framework around. (In computer programming, a framework is what you choose to build a program on) It is created to make web development easier and faster. It offers many features that let you create websites quickly and easily, such as a variety of templates, dynamic page routes, database migration tools, built-in authentication functions and more. These features help developers to save time when creating websites for clients.

Laravel is a popular framework that uses PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) giving many benefits, including the ability to build dynamic web apps quickly and with ease. Many developers prefer Laravel over other frameworks because it has more features than most of its competitors,  while still remaining simple enough for beginners who are just starting out in this field or those looking at moving their existing site.

Laravel Application

Creating bespoke website applications using the Laravel framework will help you to build incredibly powerful, customised sites with unique features. Its syntax is easy to read and understand which allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes down to design and implementation. There are also plenty of ready-made packages that can be integrated into existing projects in order to save time and money.

Here are some reasons why you’ll want to use Laravel for bespoke builds:

It’s Easy To Use

Laravel is easy to get started with, even if you just know the basics of PHP. Within a few hours you will be able to create a five page website, tailored to a client’s individual needs.

More Secure Application

Laravel is designed with security in mind. For example, it doesn't store passwords in plain text and instead uses the script hashing algorithm to create an encrypted form of your input password, which prevents hackers from accessing them easily.

Modular Web Applications

Laravel is designed using 20+ distinctive Object Oriented libraries. This isn’t available in any other PHP frameworks. This allows developers the opportunity to create useful, responsive and modular web applications.

Loads of Built-in Tools

Unlike other frameworks, this one features plenty of built-in resources that make it easy for you to create a website. One such resource is caching which will speed up your site’s load time and cut down on server strain while also making pages more responsive overall! There's verification tooling so error prone forms don't get submitted again without any notice - not even during transactions due soon after they were first submitted, and a series of other tools like queues, broadcasting, events and more.

Better Testing and Debugging

A great thing about Laravel is that it was built with testing in mind. Right out of the box, it’s already supported for testing with PHPUnit.

Open Source

As an open-source framework that’s free, developers can create complex and large web applications easier than ever before. All that’s needed is PHP and text editor installed to get started.

Great Community Support

When problems arise whilst using Laravel, there is a huge online community to turn to for support. Developers will be able to get questions answered by Laravel, which has a wide community that’s always ready to help. If there’s a bug or security breach in the framework, the community is fast to respond and help fix errors to keep things running smoothly.

Easier Cron Entry

The cron system is a method to automatically run commands on a schedule. With Laravel, you no longer need to worry about scheduling tasks on your computer. The scheduler in this framework makes it easy and efficient for developers with its simple fluent workflow definition of commands that can be run at certain times or when finished executing another one already scheduled by them.

Your Laravel Project

When building bespoke web applications, Laravel is the best framework for the job. It offers numerous benefits and is easy and fast to use. It’s an effective PHP framework for a number of opportunities.

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