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Complicated website development is our bag! We love it!

One of the things which separates us from our competition is our ability to deliver bespoke development solutions. We've done loads over the years and so far our Dev's have NEVER said, “Ooo we can't do that!".

Jamie quote

“We pride ourselves on delivering quality solutions
to complex problems”

Jamie Gill - PS Development Director

Selected projects

Thanks for the challenge! This one had our best Dev’s drinking cups of yorkshire tea like nowt else! Nearly 6 months of solid custom development works and over 5,000 lines of code just for the calculator configurator alone!

  • Bespoke CMS
  • Product lookup system
  • Complex girder calculator configurator
  • CRM integration
  • Multi lingual
  • PDF output sheet generator

We’ve worked with the amazing team at Lifestyle for quite a few years now. There’s a lot going on with this build and we’re continually working on additional features - these are just a few things we’ve implemented so far…

  • Bespoke CMS
  • Custom API
  • MIS integration
  • Go Cardless integration
  • Calendar booking system
  • Full membership management

From small acorns and all that... Clients since 2006, we’ve been part of the growth of this awesome business since the start. Developing an integral bespoke booking system with complex delivery scripts.

  • Complex shipping system
  • Backend delivery booking system
  • Delivery sheet generator
  • Daily sales/product total generator
  • Bespoke payment gateway

What a fantastic business. Super niche ecommerce website specialising in card kits for the model railway industry. The website is extremely successful with boat loads of features. We’ve also nearly finished a super tricky trade only site.

  • Customised user credit limitation
  • Overseas rule system to allow manual shipping charge
  • Backend payment system for phone orders
  • Complex discounting rules
  • Dynamic email vouchers system
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