Building a Brand Through Social Media


This may come as a bit of a surprise, but according to the 2016 report from Global Web Index, a third of all digital consumers now follow their favourite brands on social media. Therefore if your company has not yet tapped into this ever growing market, let’s take a look at how you could increase your businesses’ brand through dedicated social media channels.

1. Pick the right social media platform for your business

If your business markets its services and solutions to other businesses, then LinkedIn and Twitter will be the best place to start building your B2B brand. However if your business sells to consumers, you should seriously consider creating a Facebook page (the largest social media platform) followed by a Twitter account. Plus depending on how trendy and photogenic your products or services are, Instagram or Snapchat might be a good choice provided your business resonates with a younger audience.

2. Be active on social media

Let’s be honest, a weekly Tweet or monthly post on Facebook is not going to achieve much in respect of audience growth, engagement or conversion. Therefore once you’ve selected the right social platform for your business, map out a consistent social media content plan and stick to it.

3. Create social media engagement

Don’t expect much at the start while you are building your social media audience, and don’t lose heart either. However once you start attracting engagement from your social media channel’s growing audience, don’t be afraid to like, share or reply to your followers comments.

4. Every picture tells a story

Unsurprisingly social media posts which include pictures get the most engagement. So whenever possible, feature a bright and breezy image. Plus if you are struggling for a picture to post, due to the organic vibe of social media, there’s no problem with you channeling your inner David Bailey and using an appropriate snap taken on your phone of your business premises, team, networking events or products.

5. Stay on message

However tempted you may be to post something off topic, in-jokes and random comments which don’t have anything specifically do with your business (however hilarious you feel the post may be) will not land with the majority of your social media audience. That does not mean you can’t be cute with your posts, you just have to be cute with topics related to your business.

6. Encourage online influencers to follow you

Building a social media following from scratch can take time and effort, however by engaging with well established online influencers you can significantly speed up the process. Therefore share, like and reply to posts from well-connected influencers but don’t be surprised if they approach you for a free product sample or ways you can work together on joint social media campaigns, because as the saying goes you don’t “get owt for nowt!”

7. Use social media as a customer service resource

If you take a quick look at the type of messages sent to a brand via its social media channels, you’ll see consumers now use Twitter & Facebook as a way to review products, complain or raise concerns. Therefore to find out more about how you can use your businesses’ social media channels as a customer service resource, check out our blog “How Resolving Customer Complaints on Twitter Can Help Drive New Business”.

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