Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Web Designer to Super-Size Your Company Logo

25 June 2015

There are some instances where bigger is better. Yes, I’m talking about Big Mac meals, lottery wins and beds. Unfortunately, in the world of web design, it is not uncommon for companies to request that their logo is ‘bigger’. Is … Continue reading

Is it Time to Update My Website?

19 January 2015

Has someone ever asked you “when was the last time you updated your website?” To which your response has been something like  “I update my website everyday.” This may be true for the instances where you are regularly publishing blog posts … Continue reading

Responsive Web Design, what is it – why should we use it?

31 January 2013

What is Responsive Web Design? Responsive web design is basically a website which can work on different screen sizes, for example on your laptop, mobile & tablet devices. It’s the next big step in web design and is now being … Continue reading