The Differences Between Traditional and Online Commercial Presence?

23 May 2018

The core shift since the explosion of websites and digital marketing is talking directly to your customer and asking them to reply. How do you get this level of engagement?  Identify value for your customer. Focus on your customer Customer-centric … Continue reading

Top 3 Most Common Mistakes Users Make When Writing Web Content

28 January 2015

Website content says a lot about a business. It’s often the first opportunity you have to make a connection with a visitor, so it’s essential that you make a good impression. The content you post on your website gives visitors … Continue reading

What is Content Marketing? How Do I Formulate a Content Marketing Strategy?

7 October 2014

Content marketing has been a bit of a buzz term from 2014. This can put off some marketers who feel like trends come and go, having little impact on a business’s bottom line. However, in reality, content marketing is simply … Continue reading

Is your website’s copywriting costing you money?

5 February 2014

If your website copy isn’t attracting, engaging and retaining customers, it’s costing you money. 2014 will be another record-breaking year for UK online sales, with 17% growth predicted by the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index.  To profit from this boom, … Continue reading

Press Release Online – Step by Step Guide

21 December 2012

The Internet has brought about changes to how we write for business and for pleasure. We’re not just referring to the chat abbreviations such as LOL, we’re talking about the creation of real content written with purpose and intent. An … Continue reading