Are You Spamming Your Clients?

6 July 2018

You click send on your latest email campaign, but what if the message is not delivered? How Do You Know What Will Be Marked As Spam? An email is sent through receiving servers who transfer them to your recipients’ inbox. … Continue reading

How to Configure Google G Suite (formally Google Apps) in Outlook

10 January 2017

If your business uses Google G Suite accounts (formally Google apps) for email correspondence, but you would prefer to use Microsoft Outlook’s centralised system to manage and retrieve your emails; as Gmail provides IMAP support, there should be no problem … Continue reading

Why Email Marketing is still the Future of the Recruitment Industry

1 February 2016

Email marketing has been an industry staple for recruiters for many years. Cheap and easy to manage with an ‘open rate’ of around one in five, it remains the most consistent method of recruitment marketing in the world, despite the … Continue reading

How to Improve Open Rates on Emails

23 July 2015

When you have spent hours crafting the perfect email newsletter, of course you want people to read it. Unfortunately, with over 108.7 billion emails being sent and received each day, it is hardly surprising that the majority go unopened. So … Continue reading

MailChimp 360 Ecommerce Tracking

16 June 2015

Email marketing campaigns are a really useful way of keeping existing customers interested in your products and attracting new ones. As long as you don’t abuse the method, existing customers can be tempted back with targeted emails and potential new … Continue reading

What is email marketing?

9 April 2014

Email marketing, as the title suggests is the process of marketing through the use of email. There are different types of email marketing that you may have come across, as a customer or the marketer. A lot of businesses use … Continue reading