How The New Adwords Features Can Benefit Small Ecommerce Businesses

16 January 2018

As a small ecommerce business, launching an Adwords campaign can seem like a daunting task, especially when larger retailers appear to dominate the search results pages. However, over the past few months, Google has introduced a number of new features … Continue reading

Size Isn’t Everything: How Small Retailers Can Compete with the Giants of Ecommerce in the World of PPC

26 October 2017

As a small or niche retailer it can seem sometimes pointless to invest in Adwords when global retail giants seem to dominate. How can you compete with someone who has more products, more resources and more money? However, when search … Continue reading

How Much Does it Cost in 2017 to Advertise on Google in the UK?

21 August 2017

“How much does it cost to advertise on Google?” is becoming more of a commonly asked question for many UK business owners. If this is you, you are probably already convinced on the value of Google Adwords and the benefits it … Continue reading

Google Adwords – Destination URLs to Become Read Only on July 1st 2015

19 June 2015

Google Adwords is a paid advertising platform where you can pay for traffic to your website. Using Google Adwords you can attain prominent placement within the search engine results although this is only on a paid basis. If your company currently … Continue reading

Our Visit to the Google Partners Training Event in London

20 February 2015

This week we attended an exclusive Google Partners training event at the London office. The two day session was led by guest speaker Steen Rasmussen, senior partner of IIH Nordic – the first agency to be voted ‘best analytics agency’ … Continue reading

PPC Advertising VS Non PPC

10 September 2014

When it comes to advertising your product, the Internet has become a great magnet for attracting potential customers. The Internet provides advertisers with the opportunity to target their audience through interests and demographics. One of the most popular forms of … Continue reading

Google Adwords – Know Your Network Types

14 August 2014

Whether you’re managing a Google Adwords campaign yourself or your using a company, understanding the differences between “Search” and the “Display network,” can be extremely beneficial in moving towards a successful pay per click campaign which will provide a return … Continue reading

Top PPC Landing Page Tips to Keep Under Your Wing

21 July 2014

If you’re running a pay per click (PPC) campaign it doesn’t matter how relevant your keywords are or how compelling your ad text is, if your landing page doesn’t meet the visitor’s needs and expectations, it’s likely you’re going to … Continue reading

Google Adwords Advice – 3 Top Tips For A Small PPC Campaign Budget

11 April 2014

When you are first setting up a Google Adwords campaign your budget is often very limited. A monthly campaign budget of £250 can break down to roughly £8.33 for a daily campaign spend. Obviously the amount of clicks your campaign … Continue reading

Choosing Your Perfect Keyword Match Type in Google Adwords

18 February 2014

Keywords provide the essential connection between a searcher and your advert. Just like the name suggests a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign means that for every searcher who clicks on your advert you will have to pay a small fee. … Continue reading

Tweet Your Company to More Business With Twitter Promoted Products

27 January 2014

Twitter has long been regarded as a great way for many businesses to promote their product or services to their most relevant target audience. Whilst on first approach many would argue it is difficult to achieve success purely on an … Continue reading

Google Adwords or Linked-In Advertising? Which One is Best?

24 January 2014

On the Surface… Did you know the daily Google searches for 2013 is estimated at around 5,900,000,000? As I am sure you are aware, the Google search engine is one of the most commonly used across the world on a … Continue reading

Keyword Competition Analysis

27 June 2013

What is “Competition” in terms of Google Adwords? Assuming you have a basic knowledge of keyword research, you will know that keywords are words or phrases that help find your business online. Keywords can generate more traffic to your website … Continue reading

Remarketing – What do you think of THOSE internet ads?

16 May 2013

Remarketing – everyone using the Internet has experienced this. Not everyone knows what it is. Have you ever seen an advert on the Internet that seems to be directly aimed at you? Something that you searched for last week such … Continue reading

PPC Marketing – write great content for your ad.

8 April 2013

PPC Marketing can be an excellent way to get more traffic to your website and a great return on investment. However this can all fall apart if your ads are poorly written. PPC Marketing – how to write a great … Continue reading

Google AdWords Tools – negative keywords

8 April 2013

Google AdWords tools include a host features that allow you to analyse and manage your online advertising campaigns. The Keyword feature from Google AdWords tools, allows you to perform research on the popularity of your chosen keywords. Google Adwords Tools … Continue reading

Pay Per Click Advertising – 14 perfecting techniques

13 March 2013

Pay Per Click Advertising Paid marketing such as Pay Per Click Advertising differs a lot from search engine optimisation as it returns results quickly. You can also control your campaign rather than waiting to see what happens. The catch is … Continue reading