Who’s Following You? How Well Do You Know Your Social Media Audience?

25 May 2017

By understanding the correlation between your customer and social media audience, you can develop an accurate overview of your target audience and customer personas. This data will not only help you create appropriate targeted campaigns but also allow you to … Continue reading

How to Set Up a Twitter Account for Your Business

3 February 2015

If your business is not yet on Twitter, you are missing out on a vast number of marketing opportunities. Twitter is a hugely powerful tool for business: you can use it to reach new and existing customers, network with other … Continue reading

5 Ways To Double Your Website’s Traffic By Using Twitter

10 January 2015

Every website wants more traffic; more eyes on the page, letting potential customers see what it is that you are offering. Twitter is a fantastic social media tool which can help drive traffic to your website, enticing people, showing them … Continue reading

Brands on Twitter – who’s best to follow?

1 February 2013

There are many brands on Twitter today who know how to use social media as a customer relations tool. So what is their secret? It’s simple they are dedicated to customer service. The impact of customer feedback is widespread throughout … Continue reading