Payment Gateway Comparison – Paypal, SagePay, WorldPay, HSBC & Barclays

6 June 2017

E-commerce is rapidly becoming a major player on the retail landscape. Estimates from IMRG have predicted that spending online in 2017 will grow a further 14% on 2016’s sales which totalled £133bn. More than 95% of UK shoppers have bought something … Continue reading

Sage Pay Dummy Card Details

30 September 2015

In order to check if your Sage Pay account is working correctly you’ll need to perform a dummy transaction using dummy credit card details (provided by SagePay). Use these details below: Card Card Number CardType Response from Sage Pay 3D Secure … Continue reading

Time is Running Out to Upgrade to the Sage Pay V3 Protocol

15 July 2015

On the 31 July, all older versions of the Sage Pay Protocol FORM versions 2.20, 2.21, 2.22 and 2.23 will be discontinued. This means that if your website is currently running any of these versions on the 31st July your … Continue reading

The Key Differences between WooCommerce and Magento

12 June 2015

Online shopping is a growth industry. 198 million U.S. shoppers bought something online in the first quarter of 2014. That’s 78% of the population. The statistics are virtually the same in the UK. 75% of British consumers do their shopping … Continue reading

Upgrading to Sage Pay Protocol V3.00

9 June 2015

Sage Pay has just announced that businesses using older protocols on their e-commerce websites need to upgrade to the latest protocol (v3.00). On 31 July, older versions will be discontinued, so if you don’t take the necessary steps before this … Continue reading

Strategies for Profitably Pricing Your Retail Products

3 June 2015

Online retailers need a pricing strategy, but for the inexperienced retailer, it can be a real headache. It can take a lot of trial and error before you figure out your prices. If prices are too high the profit margins … Continue reading

Sage Pay Payments Landscape Report 2015

29 May 2015

When you’re running a business, it can be tricky to keep up to with the latest payment technologies in a rapidly evolving market. Sage Pay has released their annual Payments Landscape report, a study of payments in the UK. Now … Continue reading

E-Commerce Tips – Making Your E-Commerce Store Sell More to Mobile Users

13 May 2015

The rise of e-commerce in recent years has been phenomenal. Amazon is now one of the top ten retailers in the US with sales of $44 billion last year and many of its happy customers made their purchases via mobile … Continue reading

The Online Consumer Buying Process

6 November 2014

When you want to make it possible for your customers to compare, order and pay for your products online, you need an easy to use, seamless online buying process. This should encompass your sales message and access to full details … Continue reading

Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking

28 March 2014

E-commerce tracking within Google Analytics is an additional optional extra which when implemented, allows you to analyse the sales performance of products which you sell online. This is important tool because it can show early indications of issues which if … Continue reading

What is an SSL Certificate?

5 October 2013

We’ve been asked recently by some of our clients, for whom we’re developing ecommerce websites for, “what is an SSL certificate and do I need one?” So, in this post we’re going to look at SSL’s in a little more … Continue reading

Online Payment Gateway Comparison

26 February 2013

Introduction Online Payment Gateway refers to the secure link between your website and the bank. This is absolutely vital if you are to accept card payments online and have a successful e-commerce business. There are many Online Payment Gateways providers … Continue reading

PCI Compliant – what you need to know

7 February 2013

What is PCI Compliant? PCI stands for ‘Payment Card Industry’and it represents the debit, credit, prepaid, e-purse, ATM and POS cards. The major credit card issuers created compliance standards to protect personal information and make sure that there is a … Continue reading