How The New Adwords Features Can Benefit Small Ecommerce Businesses

16 January 2018

As a small ecommerce business, launching an Adwords campaign can seem like a daunting task, especially when larger retailers appear to dominate the search results pages. However, over the past few months, Google has introduced a number of new features … Continue reading

How to Configure Google G Suite (formally Google Apps) in Outlook

10 January 2017

If your business uses Google G Suite accounts (formally Google apps) for email correspondence, but you would prefer to use Microsoft Outlook’s centralised system to manage and retrieve your emails; as Gmail provides IMAP support, there should be no problem … Continue reading

How to Block Out Referrer Spam in Google Analytics

3 December 2015

Lately many webmasters have seen massive spikes in their Google Analytics traffic reports. Previously when big spikes occurred we’d often assume this was something which was associated with great marking or perhaps encouraging SEO works. However, with a recent influx of … Continue reading

Google Adwords – Destination URLs to Become Read Only on July 1st 2015

19 June 2015

Google Adwords is a paid advertising platform where you can pay for traffic to your website. Using Google Adwords you can attain prominent placement within the search engine results although this is only on a paid basis. If your company currently … Continue reading

Google Rumoured to Add Buy Buttons to Mobile Search Results

22 May 2015

According to a recent story in the Wall Street Journal, Google is planning to roll out new ‘buy’ buttons, which will appear alongside sponsored search results on mobile devices. The new development appears to be part of Google’s plans for … Continue reading

Search Engine Rankings – How Does Your Website Get Ranked in the Search Engines and Why?

14 May 2015

Have you ever wondered how Google works out where to rank a website in the search engine results? Achieving a good position in the search engine results is no easy task. There are a number of factors that control where a … Continue reading

Why It’s Important To Perform Well In Mobile Search Results

28 April 2015

In early 2014 something amazing happened: mobile finally overtook fixed internet access. Statistics released by Ofcom showed that 22% of smartphone users and 30% of tablet users access the internet, compared to 29% of laptop and 17% of desktop users. … Continue reading

Top 5 Google Analytics Tips For More Accurate Data

17 April 2015

With any business the more you know about your customers, the better you can adapt to fulfilling their needs. According to a recent survey carried out in 2014, there are over  57 million internet users in the UK and almost 90% of people … Continue reading

Google Extends Safe Browsing Protection to Notify Users in Google Analytics

20 March 2015

Google has recently announced that it is extending the Safe Browsing feature of Google Webmasters Tools to include real-time notifications to all Google Analytics users whose websites are infected with malware and other nasty infections. What is Webmasters Tools and … Continue reading

Google Makes Mobile Friendliness a Ranking Factor for Websites

11 March 2015

In one of our earlier posts we reported that Google were sending out millions of emails to websites which were not mobile friendly. According to a new update from Google’s Webmaster Central blog, we can now see that this was because Google … Continue reading

How to Set Up a Google+ Page for Your Business

10 March 2015

Google Plus is just one of many social networks. If your business already has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, you might be forgiven for thinking that Google Plus is not worthy of your time. Here’s why you might … Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About the Google Pigeon

4 March 2015

In many parts of the UK, pigeons are considered a menace. They make a mess everywhere and are generally not very popular. Well Google’s Pigeon update isn’t quite that bad, but it has affected an awful lot of websites and … Continue reading

Has Google Recently Made Tweaks to its Search Algorithm?

25 February 2015

Every year, Google makes lots of changes to its search algorithms. Most of the time the effect of these changes is negligible and unless you spend every waking moment analysing your website data, you won’t notice. However, from time to … Continue reading

Twitter and Google Team Up Again

24 February 2015

Everyone’s favourite micro-blogging site, Twitter, has just announced a new relationship with Google. The announcement was made at the Q4 earnings call for 2014, when Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed during a question and answer session that Twitter had brokered … Continue reading

Our Visit to the Google Partners Training Event in London

20 February 2015

This week we attended an exclusive Google Partners training event at the London office. The two day session was led by guest speaker Steen Rasmussen, senior partner of IIH Nordic – the first agency to be voted ‘best analytics agency’ … Continue reading

Google Analytics Will No Longer Support Official Compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

10 February 2015

Google recently announced it has stopped supporting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). As of the end of January 2015, anyone using Google Analytics in IE9 will no longer be able to get help with any of its features. You can … Continue reading

Is Google about to Sink Mobile Unfriendly Websites?

5 February 2015

Have you received a warning note from Google in the last few days? If your website is not ‘mobile friendly’, then the answer is likely to be a “yes”. Warning! Warning! Millions of notifications have been pinging into Google Webmaster … Continue reading

Your Key to Great Music – How YouTube is Battling Piracy

26 November 2014

Google is making great strides in their battle against piracy this year with their two updates Pirate 2.0 and their YouTube Music Key release. While piracy has long been a standing issue on the internet, it is good to see … Continue reading

eBay and Google Fight in Epic Breakup Battle

25 November 2014

Earlier this year Google announced a break up with eBay in the most drastic way possible, by dropping their links in Google search results. Back in May of 2014, Panda 4.0 included exclusions for eBay results in Google’s algorithm update. … Continue reading

Google Penguin 3.0 Update

28 October 2014

So Google have announced another update to their algorithm, this time an update to Penguin 3.0. The update changes the way that Google use the data on a website to see where it ranks when people search for something using … Continue reading

Google Analytics Goals & Funnels

19 October 2014

Google Analytics has been an indispensable tool for webmasters since the time it was first launched back in November 2005. You can easily monitor and improve the performance of your website using the different tools and features built into Google … Continue reading

Google Adwords – Know Your Network Types

14 August 2014

Whether you’re managing a Google Adwords campaign yourself or your using a company, understanding the differences between “Search” and the “Display network,” can be extremely beneficial in moving towards a successful pay per click campaign which will provide a return … Continue reading

The Google Duplicate Content Penalty

20 July 2014

On quite a few occasions over the years we’ve been asked; “Can we just take the text from another website and use it on ours?” There is a simple answer to this; “No”. Why? Well, aside from any copyright law … Continue reading

9 Must Know Google Analytics Terms

19 July 2014

About Google Analytics The Google Analytics tool is most commonly used to present data which reflects how visitors interact with your website. Understanding the data correctly can often give you a good indication of your website’s performance. Most importantly Google … Continue reading

Google Penguin and Google Panda Explained

30 June 2014

If you’ve looked into how to improve your website’s rankings, then you have probably heard of Penguin and Panda updates and wondered if the internet is going animal crazy? Still bamboo-zled? Here are some facts which might help you break the ice. Continue reading

3 reports within Google Analytics which will help improve your website’s performance

15 April 2014

Whether your business runs an E-commerce website or a simple brochure style website, every business wants their website to work to it’s full potential. That’s why it’s important to monitor your website’s progress on a regular basis. One useful tool … Continue reading

Google Adwords Advice – 3 Top Tips For A Small PPC Campaign Budget

11 April 2014

When you are first setting up a Google Adwords campaign your budget is often very limited. A monthly campaign budget of £250 can break down to roughly £8.33 for a daily campaign spend. Obviously the amount of clicks your campaign … Continue reading

Google Adwords or Linked-In Advertising? Which One is Best?

24 January 2014

On the Surface… Did you know the daily Google searches for 2013 is estimated at around 5,900,000,000? As I am sure you are aware, the Google search engine is one of the most commonly used across the world on a … Continue reading

Per’apps It’s Time for Your Business to Try Google Apps

22 January 2014

Google Apps are a collection of applications which help many business worldwide on a daily basis. Included are a variety of Google products such as Email, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Talk and many other Google Applications. What You Can … Continue reading

Writing Compelling Adverts for Google AdWords

29 October 2013

Google AdWords is a powerful medium to get traffic to your website. The higher click through rate of your Google advertisements is largely responsible for the success of your Google AdWords campaign, and this is ensured only when your adverts … Continue reading

Keyword Competition Analysis

27 June 2013

What is “Competition” in terms of Google Adwords? Assuming you have a basic knowledge of keyword research, you will know that keywords are words or phrases that help find your business online. Keywords can generate more traffic to your website … Continue reading

Google SEO Plans – what’s in store for 2013?

22 May 2013

Google SEO Plans for 2013 have been revealed by Head of Web Spam – Matt Cutts. In his latest video he answers what we can expect from Google in the next few months in regard to search engine optimisation and … Continue reading

Remarketing – What do you think of THOSE internet ads?

16 May 2013

Remarketing – everyone using the Internet has experienced this. Not everyone knows what it is. Have you ever seen an advert on the Internet that seems to be directly aimed at you? Something that you searched for last week such … Continue reading

Google Shopper App – how it can help you!

18 April 2013

Google Shopper is an App that allows you to shop more efficiently. The newest version of the App has a good looking interface featuring new ways to shop and find great deals. Why should you use Google Shopper? No matter … Continue reading

Google Plus – what you need to know

11 April 2013

You’ve got the hang of Facebook and Twitter… maybe even Pinterest and Instagram, but what about Google Plus? Have you bothered with it? Google Plus – What’s it all about? Google Plus is Google’s answer to a social network. The … Continue reading

Google Tips – Search for things like a pro!

11 April 2013

Do you want to save time every day? If so then keep reading. These Google tips will reduce your search time and help you find things more effectively and efficiently. Chances are that you’re not currently using Google to it’s … Continue reading

PPC Marketing – write great content for your ad.

8 April 2013

PPC Marketing can be an excellent way to get more traffic to your website and a great return on investment. However this can all fall apart if your ads are poorly written. PPC Marketing – how to write a great … Continue reading

Google AdWords Tools – negative keywords

8 April 2013

Google AdWords tools include a host features that allow you to analyse and manage your online advertising campaigns. The Keyword feature from Google AdWords tools, allows you to perform research on the popularity of your chosen keywords. Google Adwords Tools … Continue reading

Google vs Bing: Which search engine is best?

28 February 2013

Google vs Bing – a phrase that you will hear more and more of this year. The reason being, recently Microsoft have been focusing on their search engine ‘Bing’, proving to be a very real threat to Google.  But could … Continue reading

Google Glass – the computer on your face

22 February 2013

You may have heard about the much anticipated Google ‘Project Glass’, it’s receiving a lot of hype and quite understandably. Who wouldn’t want to see science fiction become a reality? So, let’s explore what Google Glass is all about, presuming … Continue reading

Google Apps Free Edition

12 December 2012

From this month Google is no longer offering its Google Apps Free Edition accounts for free.  When Google first launched this service in 2006 it started offering free accounts to 100, then 50 and then 10. With over 5 million … Continue reading

Google Shutdown More Services

6 July 2012

Since co-founder Larry Page stepped back into the CEO role, many of Google’s great services have been shutdown. This week the following services will no longer be available: Google Video iGoogle Google Mini Google Symbian Search App Google Talk Chatback … Continue reading

What is Google Encrypted Search?

29 November 2011

Google recently announced that the searches by the logged-in users will be encrypted from now on. This effectively means that the privacy of the users is now more stringently protected while using Google Search Engine. This also means that the … Continue reading