How to Configure Google G Suite (formally Google Apps) in Outlook

10 January 2017

If your business uses Google G Suite accounts (formally Google apps) for email correspondence, but you would prefer to use Microsoft Outlook’s centralised system to manage and retrieve your emails; as Gmail provides IMAP support, there should be no problem … Continue reading

Google Shopper App – how it can help you!

18 April 2013

Google Shopper is an App that allows you to shop more efficiently. The newest version of the App has a good looking interface featuring new ways to shop and find great deals. Why should you use Google Shopper? No matter … Continue reading

Google Glass – the computer on your face

22 February 2013

You may have heard about the much anticipated Google ‘Project Glass’, it’s receiving a lot of hype and quite understandably. Who wouldn’t want to see science fiction become a reality? So, let’s explore what Google Glass is all about, presuming … Continue reading