Microsoft Getting Rid of Internet Explorer

31 March 2015

Microsoft has been dropping heavy hints for a while that it is getting rid of its Internet Explorer brand, but following confirmation from the company that a new name for the planned browser successor is in the pipeline, it seems as … Continue reading

Google Extends Safe Browsing Protection to Notify Users in Google Analytics

20 March 2015

Google has recently announced that it is extending the Safe Browsing feature of Google Webmasters Tools to include real-time notifications to all Google Analytics users whose websites are infected with malware and other nasty infections. What is Webmasters Tools and … Continue reading

Google Makes Mobile Friendliness a Ranking Factor for Websites

11 March 2015

In one of our earlier posts we reported that Google were sending out millions of emails to websites which were not mobile friendly. According to a new update from Google’s Webmaster Central blog, we can now see that this was because Google … Continue reading

Top Web Browsers Reviews – Vivaldi

25 February 2015

Vivaldi is a new browser, created by the programmers who gave us the original version of Opera. Still including many of the original features that made Opera so popular, Vivaldi goes a step further with a few added extras. Vivaldi is … Continue reading

Has Google Recently Made Tweaks to its Search Algorithm?

25 February 2015

Every year, Google makes lots of changes to its search algorithms. Most of the time the effect of these changes is negligible and unless you spend every waking moment analysing your website data, you won’t notice. However, from time to … Continue reading

Twitter and Google Team Up Again

24 February 2015

Everyone’s favourite micro-blogging site, Twitter, has just announced a new relationship with Google. The announcement was made at the Q4 earnings call for 2014, when Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed during a question and answer session that Twitter had brokered … Continue reading

Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile and Tablet Friendly

27 January 2015

A decade ago, mobile internet was virtually unheard of, but by 2008, analysts were predicting that ‘mobile would overtake fixed internet access by 2014’. Just seven years later, things are very different. Smartphones and tablets are now the most popular … Continue reading

Your Key to Great Music – How YouTube is Battling Piracy

26 November 2014

Google is making great strides in their battle against piracy this year with their two updates Pirate 2.0 and their YouTube Music Key release. While piracy has long been a standing issue on the internet, it is good to see … Continue reading

eBay and Google Fight in Epic Breakup Battle

25 November 2014

Earlier this year Google announced a break up with eBay in the most drastic way possible, by dropping their links in Google search results. Back in May of 2014, Panda 4.0 included exclusions for eBay results in Google’s algorithm update. … Continue reading

Check Your Inbox a New Gmail Update is Coming…

10 January 2014

In the following few days Google will be contacting all Gmail users about a new feature which will further connect your Gmail and G+ accounts. When composing an email and adding a recipient, this new feature will allow you to … Continue reading

Website of the Month Winners – Wahoooooo!

3 January 2013

We’ve done it again! The studio have produced another award winning design and build. Last year Rowan Stickers (the original wheelie bin sticker company) appointed PS Website Design to design their eCommerce website.  Jamie Gill from our studio submitted the … Continue reading

Web Design in Bradford

4 September 2012

Web Design in Bradford is bountiful. There is certainly not a lack of online marketing services too, in this metropolitan city of West Yorkshire. With fantastic links from Bradford to London, Leeds, Manchester and more, business is booming, especially in … Continue reading

Google Shutdown More Services

6 July 2012

Since co-founder Larry Page stepped back into the CEO role, many of Google’s great services have been shutdown. This week the following services will no longer be available: Google Video iGoogle Google Mini Google Symbian Search App Google Talk Chatback … Continue reading