Responsive Web Design – It’s Now or Never!

28 October 2015

Earlier this year Google officially announced that mobile searches had overtaken desktop searches and as a result would be updating their search engine algorithms. As of 21 April, Google began rewarding mobile-friendly sites with higher rankings whilst ignoring those that … Continue reading

Mac OS X Yosemite – Top 5 Cool Tips and Tricks

29 January 2015

Apple no longer names its OS updates after big cats (Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard etc). Instead it has switched to famous Californian landmarks and Yosemite is the second incarnation of the OS X. Yosemite was first made available on October … Continue reading

Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile and Tablet Friendly

27 January 2015

A decade ago, mobile internet was virtually unheard of, but by 2008, analysts were predicting that ‘mobile would overtake fixed internet access by 2014’. Just seven years later, things are very different. Smartphones and tablets are now the most popular … Continue reading

Check Your Inbox a New Gmail Update is Coming…

10 January 2014

In the following few days Google will be contacting all Gmail users about a new feature which will further connect your Gmail and G+ accounts. When composing an email and adding a recipient, this new feature will allow you to … Continue reading

Photography Apps – the best for your mobile!

12 April 2013

Photography apps – chances are you’ve got at least one on your smart phone. Depending on the make of your phone, there will be different photography apps available to you. Top photography apps for iPhone There are many photography apps … Continue reading

Use Instagram for Business

10 April 2013

Do you use Istagram? Perhaps you already have a personal account and enjoy sharing your photographs? Or maybe you don’t use Instagram at all. Well we’re going to tell you why you should use Instagram – for business purposes that … Continue reading

Windows 8 Social Media Apps

5 February 2013

Windows 8 and Social Media The launch of Microsoft’s new operating system in late 2012, has steadily been growing and taking up it’s share in the market. However things have not expanded as quickly as first anticipated, could this be … Continue reading

How to setup email accounts on “Microsoft Outlook”

2 September 2011

A question we get asked is how do we setup our email accounts on Microsoft Outlook? First you’re going to need the server settings for both your incoming and outgoing mail servers and your username and password. Once you have … Continue reading