WordPress isn’t just for blogging!

8 October 2018

When you think of WordPress most people will think of blogging. After all, it is the world’s most popular free open source blogging site. However it’s not just for blogging, it can do so much more. Allow us to explain… … Continue reading

Is your recruitment website one of the 90% not offering users an effective mobile experience?

15 February 2017

It’s time to bring your online presence into the 21st century, recruiters. Day by day, the internet is becoming more and more mobile-led, and the fact is that the recruitment industry is lagging behind in the mobile stakes. Studies show that … Continue reading

6 Handy Tips for Building a World Class Recruitment Website

7 February 2016

From the rise of social media to the ever-evolving Google ranking saga, the internet continues to change the way the recruitment industry goes about its business. The fact is that with 5,110 new recruitment agencies having started in the UK alone … Continue reading

Yell Websites, Yell or Hell? – What to Look Out For!

18 November 2015

With so many web design solutions available, it can be hard to know what to pick. Many are making outlandish claims and others are promising more realistic benefits, this can sometimes result in you being tricked to settle for inferior … Continue reading

Web Design Trends of 2015

12 November 2015

When thinking about the different aspects of web design it is important that you take into consideration the full spectrum of possibilities that are presented by the internet. Globally pushing the limits of human interaction and imagination, bold web design … Continue reading

Wix Website Builder Review

6 July 2015

The name ‘Wix’ may sound like a cross between a cleaning product a nazel spray, but it is actually a free website builder package. In the following article we are going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of using … Continue reading

What are Internet Cookies? Why are they So Important?

24 April 2015

Cookies are very important, but sadly we are not talking about edible chocolate chip cookies – no, we mean browser cookies, also known as tracking cookies. To a non-tech savvy person, browser cookies are something of a mystery. You are … Continue reading

The Importance of Clearing Your Cache

21 April 2015

We use web browsers to do all kinds of different things, from viewing online content and checking email, to logging into Facebook or buying a pair of shoes. By default, browser caches store information each time you use them. In … Continue reading

Password Security – How Safe is Your Password?

4 September 2014

You might of heard of the phrase “Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe,” and aside from the odd occasion when it has been the famous words between a wise wizard and hobbit, it still remains the best advice concerning your … Continue reading

What is a Country Specific Domain Extension?

24 July 2014

Finally, you’ve decided to take your business online. The first step is to get a domain name for your online presence, which the technical experts call a URL or Universal Resource Locator. It’s important to get a domain name with … Continue reading

Browser Testing – why is it important?

14 May 2014

Browser testing your website is of great importance these days. Why? Well simply because there are many different browsers out there that people are using and you want to make sure they’re all seeing your website how it should be. … Continue reading

Importance of Good Web Hosting – Why Cheap Isn’t Always Cheerful

30 January 2014

When looking for web hosting, it’s important to find a company that is reliable and has a good reputation. Often many people will focus on how much their web hosting will cost, rather than the features the service offers. Why … Continue reading

What is W3C?

14 March 2013

What is W3C? You have heard this expression in regards to your website, and may be wondering what it’s all about? Well, firstly it stands for World Wide Web Consortium, as you can see in the title of this article. … Continue reading

EU Cookie Law – Requirements and Consequences

8 September 2012

What could be so alarming about the innocuous text files that almost every other site nonchalantly deposits on the visitors’ computers? Well, it’s the users’ privacy that these files can compromise. Cookies, or small text files, are routinely used by … Continue reading

What are Microformats?

15 June 2012

One thing that modern technology has come to be associated with is adaptability. With the expectations of users outpacing the advancements in technology, there has been a constant struggle among developers to bring about necessary updates in the latter so … Continue reading

Enabling WordPress Menus

31 October 2011

This post looks at enabling WordPress menus – this great feature has been available since WordPress 3 +.  For all those themes that don’t have this feature enabled this is how to do it. Step 1. Open up your your … Continue reading