What are Internet Cookies? Why are they So Important?

24 April 2015

Cookies are very important, but sadly we are not talking about edible chocolate chip cookies – no, we mean browser cookies, also known as tracking cookies. To a non-tech savvy person, browser cookies are something of a mystery. You are … Continue reading

The Importance of Clearing Your Cache

21 April 2015

We use web browsers to do all kinds of different things, from viewing online content and checking email, to logging into Facebook or buying a pair of shoes. By default, browser caches store information each time you use them. In … Continue reading

What is W3C?

14 March 2013

What is W3C? You have heard this expression in regards to your website, and may be wondering what it’s all about? Well, firstly it stands for World Wide Web Consortium, as you can see in the title of this article. … Continue reading

What are Microformats?

15 June 2012

One thing that modern technology has come to be associated with is adaptability. With the expectations of users outpacing the advancements in technology, there has been a constant struggle among developers to bring about necessary updates in the latter so … Continue reading