Disadvantages of Wordpress

We Look "Into The Disadvantages Of Wordpress

Often our team are asked “Is Wordpress good?” or “Should I use Wordpress?”

When you want to build a new website, the first content management system (CMS) that comes to mind is often WordPress. It’s the most used CMS in the world and for good reasons. Wordpress is easy to use and there are many SEO plugins available making it cost effective. It loads quickly, follows UX and coding standards and makes optimising images simple. However, WordPress shouldn’t always be your first choice for a CMS and might not the best option for all businesses. There are many blogs out there that will insist you can create your own successful Wordpress Website in a weekend. However, here are some factors you might want to consider before doing so:

Wordpress Security is Not Suitable For High Security Requirements

The open source platform is has been prone to SQL and RFI injection attacks by hackers which can leave the platform vulnerable. There are other methods developers can use to minimise these vulnerabilities, but if this is the main concern, it can be a lot easier to go with a more robust CMS platform offering a more advanced security system. This is especially true for websites that are starting from scratch. Overall, using WordPress for sensitive projects that require high security might not be the best option.

Expanding Your Website In The Future

When you plan your website, it is essential that you don’t just think about what you want now in the present, but also about your website in the future. Although your website might start out small, it can grow in the following years and WordPress might not be the best option for growth. If your website outgrows the Wordpress platform, your site could see a decrease in performance, load time can decrease and the user experience can suffer. This can have a negative effect on your organic performance and can lead to a reduction in visitors. It might seem like you’re dealing with the headaches of changing to another platform, but you may find that another platform is better suited to handle a larger site. Sometimes it’s better to reconsider your use of WordPress and invest your time and money into something that will handle its growth right from the start.

The Need of Hiring a Website Developer to Maintain The Site

Unless you’re a pro coder, you’ll need to consider ongoing website maintenance costs associated with WordPress as your website will require regular updates, web design changes and fixes. Without the knowledge of an experienced website developer, it is easy to update the wrong plugin in or enter the wrong information which in turn can cause issues on your site. Whilst some things are easy to do yourself, you’ll need to have a professional developer on hand to be able to fix any problems should they arise.

Not Ideal If You Need A Customised Solution

Although you can customise a WordPress CMS, you’ll still be required to operate using their “Pages, Posts and Comments.” There’s no way to get around this method. So if you’re looking for a non-CMS website, for example an e-commerce site, it may be better to have a custom solution. Having a robust site requires you to have 100% control of all the components, which you won’t get with any of the Plugins used within WordPress. You may wish to avoid using WordPress if you want customisation abilities, but aren’t looking for the headaches that come with the more technical responsibilities such as self hosting, server management, etc.

The Training Time Involved in Learning WordPress

There will always be significant learning aspects with Wordpress and if you don’t have the time or resources, this CMS might not be the best choice for you. If you don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of the CMS, you will be left hiring a developer to do your website maintenance for you. But if you don’t have the resources to hire a developer on retainer either, then you’re left with a stagnant website that will inevitably face complex challenges in the future.

While Wordpress is a good option for those looking for a simple website, it wont be the best choice for when you want something bigger and better. Working with a developer to create a custom CMS will save you time and money in the longer term.

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