An Easy Guide to Facebook Ads

Unlike some notoriously expensive digital marketing campaigns such as homepage take-overs and PPC, Facebook ads provide an easy and cost effective way to get your business in front of your target audience.

For example, if you own a Mediterranean restaurant and you need to advertise a seasonal event or special promotion, Facebook ads will allow you to target men and women over the age of twenty-seven who love good food, interested in travel and live locally to your establishment.

Therefore for a cost effective social media campaign for your business, here’s our easy guide to Facebook ads.

Target Visitors to Your Website

With Facebook Ads you can target consumers who’ve already interacted with your Facebook page. This not only allows you to get your advert in front of an existing customer but also anyone who’s ever engaged with your business via the social media channel.

Increase Your Ads Reach By Targeting a Lookalike Audience

When deciding who to target, if you select the nifty lookalike audience tool, your Facebook ads will appear on the timeline of potential customers with similar hobbies and demographics to your target audience.

Get to Know Your Ideal Customer

By selecting the specific demographic tool, you will be able to target potential customers via categories such as age, location, life events and financial information. This great resource will not only allow you to drill down into your target audience but will also allow you to create the ideal customer persona for your business.

Make Ads Fun and Sharable

With a small amount of marketing budget you can test three or four different versions of your ad. This will not only help you figure out the best type of message for your Facebook audience, but also what type of image works well too.

If Your Too Busy With Your Business - Let Us Handle it For You

If you are too busy with your business to launch a Facebook Ads campaign, we can do it for you. From agreeing the type of consumer you would like to target to setting your campaigns objectives. At PS we will use our expertise to deliver a targeted social media campaign which will truly land with your audience and generate sales.

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