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12th November 2012

Ecommerce and Pinterest - A match made in heaven

Ecommerce and Pinterest - Very Pintersting

You've probably heard of Pinterest by now. If not, in a nutshell its a virtual pin board where you can share images, videos and other various objects based around hobbies, interests, events etc.

So how can a picture sharing social media site help your ecommerce website? Lets explore the match made in heaven - Ecommerce and Pinterest

Pinterest Facts

  • Pinterest pins with prices get 30% more likes than those without
  • Reports suggest that buyers referred from Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy
  • 80% of Pinterest users are female
  • Most popular pin categories are DIY/ Crafts, Recipes and Quotes
  • The best time to pin in the evening is between 8pm and 1am

Ecommerce and Pinterest benefits

Ecommerce and Pinterest are mutually beneficial, but to demonstrate this  ...lets meet Chloe.

Chloe has 4 different boards on Pinterest so far.

  • Favourite Books
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Wedding Ideas
  • Photos I like

One day Chloe is browsing the Internet and stumbles across a bouquet of flowers on Mary's Flower Arrangements website, which would be perfect for her wedding.

'I'll pin that on my wedding ideas board' she thinks to herself, clicking on the Pin it bookmark attached to her web browser (which was installed by Pinterest)

The pin on Chloe's board is also a link to the webpage where the bouquet of flowers can be purchased, making Mary's flower arrangements very happy indeed.

Visually appealing products will work on Pinterest, so if you are selling for example, computer microchips, its not going to have the same effect as a new range of Nail Polish.

Pinterest Traffic

Chloe has a Facebook and a Twitter account. She posts the picture of the flowers there too.

Q:So which social media site will get the most traffic to the product itself?

A:Pinterest. Here's why;

Chloe writes a post on Facebook:

"What does everyone think to these flowers for my wedding?" (picture attached)

Her friends and family respond with comments such as;

"Oooo yeah definitely! So you!"


"I love them! Do you fancy going for a drink Saturday night?"

You can see its personal. The traffic value is low for the product because the people on Chloe's Facebook account want to know what she is doing, they are not looking for the flowers.

Chloe Pins the Picture to Pinterest

Now everyone can see the bouquet of flowers. Not just people who follow Chloe, but people who are interested in the flowers too. The image is right in front of them, one click away to buying the product itself.

For an ecommerce business point of view, this is fantastic. The visitor gets referred to your store from Pinterest, and finds exactly what they are looking for. It is a highly targeted market.

Can you see how Ecommerce and Pinterest are pairing up quite nicely?

What can an Ecommerce business do?

  • Add a pin it button to the images on your site
  • Add the Pinterest follow button onto your site with your other social media links
  • Re-pin! Be nice and you will get a bigger following

Establish your brand on Pinterest

Try not to be tempted to pin your products. This doesn't reflect great on your business. instead get into the spirit of what Pinterest is really about; Lifestyle choices. Promote around the product.

A good example of a brand on Pinterest is 'Better Homes and Gardens'

They incorporate boards such as 'Fall Decorating Ideas', 'Holiday decorating Ideas' and 'Tasty Seasonal Drinks' They promote interests around the products that they sell, and as a result build trust with customers.

Thank you for reading about Ecommerce and Pinterest. Remeber to get in touch if you are looking for ecommerce advice or advice on social media management.


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