Like Or Unlike The Facebook "Donate Now" Feature?

Facebook have recently announced the launch of a new feature called “Donate Now” which will enable users to easily donate to charitable causes. As well as liking a page, users will soon be able to donate to non-profitable organisations directly by entering their payment information and selecting the amount they wish to donate.

At present 19 non-profit organisations have been added to the list, but this is rumored to grow rapidly once the Facebook feature has been recognised by all users.

What Does This Feature Mean For Facebook Users?

With the design of this new feature, users can quickly donate to a charity of their choice. When a user opts to donate to a charity this will appear in a separate pop up window enabling users to remain on the page they are on. This will allow users to share their actions with their friends which may hopefully encourage further donations.

The Downside

One  downside currently being talked about is that it is rumored Facebook will collect your credit card details which could be seen to help it’s E-commerce market. However, if you want to prevent this from happening you can go to my payment account settings and remove your details from there once you have made a payment.


Whilst many may see this as a ploy for Facebook to disguise its attempts to catch up in the data harvest race, one cannot argue this is a great move towards ensuring non-profitable organisations get the support they so desperately need, in order to survive and provide for those who rely upon them.

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