Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook Edge-Rank, who's heard of it? For anyone that uses Facebook whether it's private or business related this new fancy algorithm will be very useful to you. Don't worry, you don't have to brush up on your mathematical skills, it's all quite simple really, and comes with some pretty worthwhile benefits.

Facebook EdgeRank - Why is it Needed?

How much time do you spend scrolling through your news-feed in relation to other activities you perform on Facebook? It can take up a lot of your time, depending on how many people you're connected with and how often they post. What do you actually want to see on your news-feed? Some posts are likely to be of more importance than others to you. Brands and users should have knowledge to understand what is going to show in your news-feed and why.

For brands, how do you reach your consumers when most of your fans will never actually visit your Facebook Page once they've liked it? ENTER FACEBOOK EDGERANK

For the average users, how do you see the content that matters most to you with having to waste your time scrolling through your news-feed? ENTER FACEBOOK EDGERANK

How does Facebook EdgeRank Work?

The algorithm of Facebook EdgeRank is as follows:


  •  Affinity - measures the type of relationship between user and creators of posts. Stories will be prioritized from different people, for example your sister's post will be displayed first over an old school class mate who you've never really connected with.
  • Weight - depending on the type of post, there are different levels of 'weight'. For example, Photos and Videos carry the most weight followed by Links then plain text updates. The engagement that a post receives also has a direct influence on the weight. If a post has a lot of engagement this will be high up in your newsfeed results.
  • Time Decay - The age of the post is in direct correlation with value of the post. The older a post becomes, the more the value decreases. This means that your newsfeed will always feature fresh content. It's worth noting that this is also dependant on how often you log into Facebook.

Why Does Facebook EdgeRank Matter to Businesses?

Did you know that around 96% of fans don't go back to a brands Facebook page after the initial visit? Your Posts are far more likely to reach your audience compared to your Page. Improving your visibility in regards to the Facebook EdgeRank can be easy to enough to achieve with these tips;

  • Keep posts short and catchy. Posts over 250 characters get 60% less likes than those with characters between 100 - 250.
  • As mentioned previously photos and videos account for more weight than just plain texts and links by themselves. Your audience will respond more to visuals so the trick is to post relevant and eye catching photo's (videos if you can) with a link attached.
  • Post daily to remind people of who you are! Don't let people forget about you.
  • Don't push sales of your products or services. The most important thing is to get to know your audience and build a relationship with them.
  • Respond to patterns. The more you experiment with your Facebook posts and interactions you will notice what works, the type of content and the times too.
How to Use Facebook EdgeRank?

If you visit edgerankchecker.com you can sign-in with your Facebook account, choose a page linked to your account and generate your EdgeRank score. Simple as that.

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