Google Adwords Advice - 3 Top Tips For A Small PPC Campaign Budget

When you are first setting up a Google Adwords campaign your budget is often very limited. A monthly campaign budget of £250 can break down to roughly £8.33 for a daily campaign spend. Obviously the amount of clicks your campaign receives will depend on a variation of factors such as: keyword quality score, advert text, industry competition, average keyword cost per click and display URL.

If your average cost per click is £1.00 then a daily budget of £8.33 will give you around 8 clicks per day. This means that you have 8 possible chances of converting a visitor into making an enquiry or purchasing your product. This can sometimes place a lot of pressure on your campaign to perform and provide a positive return on investment.

Here are our top 3 tips which will help you to give your campaign the best possible chance of providing a positive return on your investment.

1. "Give The Customer What They Want"

Make sure your landing page (the page you are sending your visitors to after the click on your advert) is as strong and as relevant as possible to both your advert and keyword phrase.

Example: If you're promising bananas for £0.99 on your advert but your landing page says £2.99 it is likely your customer may feel let down and go elsewhere. Make sure your advert and your landing page harmonise to give the best possible chance of converting the visitor.

Top Tip: If you are sending visitors to a page that already existed before the Google Adwords campaign, why not take a look at your Google Analytics data and see how the page is currently performing. From this you can set individual goals or targets for your new Pay Per Click campaign.

2. "Choose The Right Device For The Job"

In the standard campaign settings you must make your campaign available for desktop computers and tablet devices. However, you can reduce your mobile bid adjustment to have more or less influence.

Example: If your landing page isn't best suited for a mobile device or you feel your campaign will not perform as well on a mobile device than other devices, just simply go to the campaigns setting tab and select devices and on the mobile devices section and decrease the bid by 100%.

3. "Keep It Local"

If your keyword research is based on UK findings and some of the phrases you look at prove to be too expensive, why not reduce your target area.

Or If you are running a pay per click campaign for a business selling products online (e-commerce), you could set up individual campaigns for various locations within the UK and then you can focus your budget on the campaigns which have the highest conversion rates or campaigns which are providing the best return on investment.

If you have a question about your Google Adwords Pay Per Click campaign or you need help or advice on what you can do to improve your campaign's performance or speak to one of our Google Certified professionals.


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