22nd January 2014

Per'apps It's Time for Your Business to Try Google Apps

Google Apps are a collection of applications which help many business worldwide on a daily basis. Included are a variety of Google products such as Email, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Talk and many other Google Applications.

What You Can Do With a Google Apps Account

Create Personalised Business Email Addresses - for example if your company’s domain name is you can create email addresses such as for all your employees.

Ensure Your Staff Keep Updated With Your Latest Documents - within a few clicks you can ensure all your staff have access to your latest company documents which will save you time in the long run, so no need to continuously keep emailing files back and forth.

Access Your Account From Anywhere - you can access your account on different devices from various locations.

Safety First - Google Apps has various security features so if anyone looses a device with Google Apps enabled, any private information can be removed remotely and then activity can resume on another device.

Google Calendar Integration - if you receive an email to your Gmail account about an meeting or an event, you can add it to your Google Calendar quickly and efficiently and the contact, date, time and event description are also added automatically.

How much Does it Cost for a Google Apps Account?

Google Apps costs just £3.30 per user on a monthly basis or £33 annually (January 2014).

What You Will Need to Create a Google Apps Account

1. Your company’s internet domain name this is name which appears in the URLs of your website. An example of this may be pswebsitedesign taken from the URL

2. A primary username and password for your new Google Apps account

3. A secondary email account (which is not linked to a Google Apps account) in case you forget or lose your primary Google Apps login details then this information can be sent to your alternate address

Talk to us today for all help and advice about how to set up your Google Apps account.


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