Google Shopper App - how it can help you!

Google Shopper is an App that allows you to shop more efficiently. The newest version of the App has a good looking interface featuring new ways to shop and find great deals.

Why should you use Google Shopper?

No matter what you're shopping for, Google Shopper will search the Internet for the best deals based on your location and criteria. This can make searching for a product very easy indeed, especially with the price comparison abilities of the App.

There are many ways to search for what you're looking for with;

  • Cover art recognition
  • Bar code search
  • Voice and text search

Think about it... how many times have you been trailing around shopping centres or cities to find that one item at the perfect price? Luckily with this App, Google can do it for you. You'll have all the information at the touch of a button helping you make informed decisions about what to buy.

The use of your location is really fantastic, just imagine this; you're in a busy high street filled with busy shoppers rushing around you. After scouring multiple shops for a couple of hours you've still not find a reasonable priced winter coat. What do you do? Use Google App of course to search for your product, which will then return results based on your location and give you directions to a suitable store.

What about if you're unsure what you're looking for? If this is the case then you can simply browse through thumbnails on the Google Shopper homepage. These thumbnails can be based on current trends or on your search queries and preferences.

Another top benefit is that you read reviews on products before you buy... anywhere!

Google Shopper Features

  • Daily Offers
  • Nearby Offers
  • Art Work Scanner - search for products online by scanning book or album covers.
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Voice Search
  • Detailed Product Information
  • Online Prices
  • Local Stores
  • Social Media Integration
  • History and Favourites

Get your Business Listed!

Is your business on Google? If you want to get yourself listed on Google so that you are displayed in search results like those from Google Shopper, then you such register on 'Places'.

Google Places makes it easy for you to get started and listed. Simply log in with your Google account, confirm that you are the owner and fill out your profile. This will make your business findable which can only mean one thing - more sales!

Don't forget to update your offers regulary on your website in order to be favoured on Google Shopper!

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