Google Shutdown More Services

Since co-founder Larry Page stepped back into the CEO role, many of Google's great services have been shutdown.

This week the following services will no longer be available:

  • Google Video
  • iGoogle
  • Google Mini
  • Google Symbian Search App
  • Google Talk Chatback

Over the last 12 months these services have also been given the chop:

  • Google Labs
  • Google Gears
  • Google Buzz
  • Google Friend Connect (for non-Blogger sites)
  • Jaiku
  • Code Search
  • Google Bookmarks Lists
  • Google Wave
  • Realtime Search (thanks to non-renewal of Twitter deal)
  • Google Search Timeline
  • Knol
  • University Research Program for Google Search (API access to Google search results)
  • Google Health
  • PowerMeter
  • Slide (and Super Poke Pets)
  • Aardvark
  • Google Desktop
  • Fast Flip
  • Google Maps API for Flash
  • Google Pack
  • Google Web Security
  • Image Labeler
  • Google Notebook
  • Sidewiki
  • Subscribed Links
  • Google Message Continuity
  • Needlebase
  • Picnik
  • Social Graph API
  • Urchin

What's next Google?

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