Is Your Facebook Page Boring?

Facebook Page management can be tedious if you don't feel like you're getting anywhere. When did you last take a look at your Facebook page? What did you think? Were you uninspired, and perhaps bored? Well fear not, we're here to rescue you from Facebook page stagnation.

Facebook Page - Worrying Signs

  • Do you constantly promote your products and services? If so, stop it. You'll just be bombarding customers and annoying them by clogging up their news feeds with sales pitches.
  • Are you all about the text? How many pictures does your Facebook page have? Makre sure you jazz things up with visuals instead of just boring text after text....
  • Like me, somebody like me! Does you page seem needy? Are you begging for likes? This can be a massive turn off for potential customers, so be careful how you come across and try to attract people in more original ways...
  • Inconsistency updates - does you page have loads of posts last month and zero this month? This doesn't come across well to your customers, consistency is reliable, and to reliable in business is everything.
  • Search for local business pages - and like them! Instead of sitting pretty waiting for people to come to you, why not venture around Facebook and take a peek at which nearby businesses a have pages? Connecting and interacting with them can bring you many benefits and open up your possibilities with a whole new target audience.

If after reading this you're thinking 'oh dear - I must do something'... Voila, here are our top tips...

Facebook Page Tips to Be More Interesting!

  •  Stay super active, ask engaging questions, participate in conversations. Basically establish yourself as a social being before anything else.
  • If possibly try to attach images or videos to your posts. This is a certain way to get people engaging with your content.
  • Lighten up - don't be afraid to be fun, it doesn't have to be all facts and figures, business and sales. Once in a while why not really entertain your audience with what you see suitable!

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