Keyword Competiton Analysis

What is “Competition” in terms of Google Adwords?

Assuming you have a basic knowledge of keyword research, you will know that keywords are words or phrases that help find your business online. Keywords can generate more traffic to your website by placing your advert next to relevant search engine material.

Google Adwords allows you to see the popularity of your chosen keyword or phrase and also how many people are actively searching for it. (As can be seen in the image below)

So you’ve just logged into Google Adwords, looking at the statistics for your keyword you see that the amount of Global Monthly Searches and the Local Monthly Searches is high. Why does it say the competition for the word is low and what does this mean?

Competition is the number of people who are interested in using a keyword phrase to promote their website and to boost their rankings. Creating lots of traffic to your website is important but what's more important is that you are gaining the right kind of traffic.

  • The more specific your keyword phrase is linked to your business, the more likely customers will find your products or services  - increasing the chances you have of gaining more business.
  • Low competition means that there are fewer people bidding on that keyword. If there are fewer people bidding on the keyword phrase, there is more chance you will be able to pay less to advertise.
  • High competition means lots of people are bidding on that keyword phrase. Positive side - it’s a sought after keyword. Negative side - you enter a bidding war with your competition which can drive up the cost up (possibly past your marketing budget)

Remember - When building a website you need to consider how it will be found - it can be the best looking out of all your competitors, but if no one can find it then what's the use in designing it in the first place?

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