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When it comes to choosing the best marketing agency for you,  it's beneficial to understand how they work and what services they can provide for your business.

Leeds Marketing Agencies

The city of Leeds was successful in becoming the first British city to have full broadband and digital coverage during the dot-com bubble, making it one of the key hubs in the emerging new Media sector.

This perhaps is one of the reasons why the city is now booming in the new Media industry. You will find lots of creative Leeds marketing agencies offering a range of marketing services. The competition is fierce making it easy for you to find a Leeds Marketing Agency specialising in a particular function or providing a full service that's right for you!

What Are Marketing Agencies?

A marketing agency is a company which specialises in bringing your product or service to market using the most efficient and effective techniques available. Their expertise is what the clients pay for.

The services that they provide can be tailored to meet the clients objectives.

Marketing is not to be confused with Public Relations and Advertising. The difference between these should really be defined;

  • Marketing - In business it's the planning of, and actions taken, to bring merchants and consumers together.
  • Public relations - Encourages public understanding and goodwill towards a particular company and its products/ services.
  • Advertising - Advertising tells a story about something to attract attention. Advertising is a step in the marketing process.
What Do Leeds Marketing Agencies Do?

A marketing agency is a business that helps other businesses to progress.  They will have a mixed and varied knowledge of technical know-how and expertise in a range of areas.

They form a strong understanding or your company's personality, then connect with the heart and mind of its potential customers.

Many new themes are emerging such as the use of social media, increased sophistication of data capture and lots more, this means that there are a lot of marketing agencies specialising in different areas.

Common services found in Leeds Marketing Agencies;

The History of Marketing Agencies

Ever since people have had something to sell there has been marketing. The methods and techniques of how to market things has changed over the years to accommodate the advancements in technologies. The digital age has meant that our audience reach is bigger and bigger, bringing new opportunities, but at the same time new learning curves.

Intercative agencies became popular before the traditional advertising agencies made full use of the internet. Today, the most successful interactive agencies are defined as companies that provide specialised advertising and marketing services for the digital space.

We work very closely with some of the leading leeds based agencies, so if you'd like any advice on your search for Leeds Marketing Agencies feel free to contact PS Website Design for some friendly advice!

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