Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin Marketing is often something that businesses miss when using social media. They may have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Pinterest board, but many are not aware about the benefits of using Linkedin to market their brand, products or services

Why Linkedin Marketing?

As you may know, Linkedin is not like other social media platforms. The reason being is that it's a professional network, with 161 million professionals worldwide making connections and using the platform. Linkedin members actively look for work, endorse themselves and others based on different skill sets, update their profile according to their professional accomplishments.

Linkedin is perhaps not used as much as other social networks due to the fact that people don't understand how it can benefit a business. You don't just have to market yourself on Linkedin, you can market your company too. Linkedin is renowned as being powerful, especially of recent as it's gaining popularity and people are gradually realising it's true potential.


Linkedin Marketing Benefits

In order to get started with Linkedin Marketing, you need to create a Company Page. This allows you to tell others about your business, highlight your products/ services and eventually connect with your follows, advertise career opportunities and commence word of mouth sales.

So what are the benefits of marketing with Linkedin?

  • You can search for companies of interest to connect with
  • Receive updates and industry news to keep you ahead of the game
  • Research your competition and find out what they're doing differently
  • Boost your SEO opportunities can get more traffic to your website bu having a fantastic profile, connecting with people & customising profile links.

Another great benefit of using Linkedin is to use the blog app. This allows you to link to your website blog so that new articles will be published directly to your Linkedin Page, generating more reach.

Tips for using Linkedin

Linkedin Marketing can be really great but like with other social media platforms there's a certain etiquette to follow.

  • Only connect with people that you know or have worked with, sending out random invitations to people can make you appear desperate and sales focused.
  • Remember that it is better to have valuable contacts rather than many useless connections. It's not a popularity contest, like other social media networks can turn into.
  • Without sounding like a broken record, remember that it is a professional network. Only put information on there that is professional. This includes on your personal profile which will undoubtedly be linked to your Company Page. You don't want to let your business down by having inappropriate information on there.

Linkedin Marketing is often really overlooked but the only way for you to discover how powerful it can be is to try it for yourself.

Are you partaking in Linkedin Marketing? Do you have any tips or advice? Feel free to connect with us today!

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