9th January 2014

The Saviour of this E-Commerce Christmas

The Saviour of this E-Commerce Christmas might just be Colin.

The superheroes Black Friday and Mega Monday have swooped in from the States, boosting UK online sales by up to a third and leaving a trail of 7.7 million Visa transactions in their wake. But there is another, home-grown champion of E-Commerce yet to show his face. Drum roll please for the laid-back, tech-savvy… British Man. O.K., we might have a bit of work to do on the whole branding thing but, given that almost 40% of them are planning to leave their Christmas shopping to the last minute, show a marked preference for shopping online and spend an average of 20 - 30% more than women, hard-pressed UK online retailers could be forgiven for mistaking him for Superman.

Have yourself a mobile little Christmas

Unless your E-Commerce Site has a fully transactional, intuitive mobile interface, British Man in a Hurry (still working on it) might well slip through your hands and shop with one of your more technically-innovative competitors. And he’s not the only one. Sales completed on mobile devices have shown a year-on-year growth of 81.5%.

This Christmas, 30% of Brits say they are going to use their mobiles to do all their shopping and 60% of them will check online prices against items they are viewing in a shop. The fun doesn’t stop there, however. Analysts are predicting a surge of mobile browsing and shopping activity on Christmas day itself. With a newly-unwrapped smartphone in one hand and a gift voucher in the other, the British consumer won’t have to wait until the Boxing Day sales to buy online.

If you want to be sure your E-Commerce site is reaching its full mobile potential, ask us for a free, no obligation health-check.

‘Tis the season to be responsive

If you are going to profit from this mobile gold rush, it’s simple. Your E-Commerce site has to be Responsive. Responsive Web Design (RWD) restyles and shifts the elements on a webpage to fit with the user’s screen size. By cutting down on irritations like re-panning and scrolling it makes viewing, browsing and shopping on mobile devices a breeze. The benefits to online retailers are as obvious as they are huge. Your bottom line will thank you for every penny you invest in RWD.

All the web solutions developed by PS Website Design are crafted using RWD. It is just one example of how our developers use innovative technology to build solutions to the real-world concerns of our clients.

Real life superheroes, you could say.

If you want to ensure your E-Commerce site is performing to best of its abilities please have a look at our Website Development page


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