Mobile Search Statistics

Mobile Search Statistics continue surprise us. In this age of the mobile revolution, people are using their mobiles more and more to perform Internet searches. Can we expect mobile to overtake desktop usage in years to come?

Before we get started on some interesting statistics, here's a term that might be handy to know;

  • Click-to-Call -when people are using their smart phone, they're likely to want to call a business and speak to somebody directly. Google have added Click-to-Call option to their Ads campaigns, allowing advertisers to include their phone numbers within adverts for no extra cost. All you need to do is enable call extensions in your AdWords campaign.

Mobile Search Statistics

  • Google recorded 30 million call-to-clicks per month
  • 1/3 Mobile Searches are of local intent compared to 1/5 with desktop searches
  • Commercial intent is stronger with mobile search - research has shown that people use their mobiles to search for things when they have made a decision about buying something. So depending on the business, this could be a major advantage.
  • By 2014 mobile should take over desktop usage
  • 86% of all mobile users, search the Internet whilst watching TV
  • On mobile 91% of Internet usage is to access social media, compared to desktop Internet usage at 79%
  • What do people use their mobile phones for? 61% games, 55% weather, 50% maps/ search, 49% social networking, 42% music, 36% news, 33% entertainment, dining 25% and video at 21%
  • Twitter has 165 million users and half of them use Twitter on their mobile phones
  • More than 200 million YouTube views happen with mobile phones on a daily basis
  • The most active age group on mobile phone Internet usage are women aged 35 - 54

Not only do mobile search statistics tell us that mobile searches are set to outperform desktop searches in 2013, but the number of smart phones will also exceed 1.82 billion unities worldwide too. This just shows the extent of the mobile phone market growth rate, and we're certain that you're just as interested as us in seeing how manufacturers develop the look of mobiles to meet the modern day requirements. Have you noticed that mobile phones are getting bigger?

Mobile Search Statistics & Operating Systems

Mobile Search Statistics not only come from a certain location, by a certain person, but from a type of operating system too. There are many different operating systems for smart phones available today that all provide great functionality. But what are the mobile search statistics on these operating systems? Is there a difference?

  • Android is expected to dominate the market with 3 years time by 63.8%
  • Windows 7 will overtake iOS within 2 years
  • In 2012 2 out of 3 mobiles sold in China were powered by Android
  • There are more Apps available with iOS
  • Blackberry holds the smallest % of the market share

Why do people prefer searching on mobiles?

Accessing the internet with your mobile is now as easy as pie, but what other reasons are behind the massive increase in mobile search usage? Could it be because of App integration? Social Media at the touch of a button? The portability aspect?

We want to know what you think? Are you still all for desktops or do you prefer searching the internet with your mobile?

Does your business have a responsive website? Can your audience easily access your website on their smart phones? Don't alienate clients and fall behind the times, read our post on Responsive Web Design, what is it - why should we use it?

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