How The New Adwords Features Can Benefit Small Ecommerce Businesses

As a small ecommerce business, launching an Adwords campaign can seem like a daunting task, especially when larger retailers appear to dominate the search results pages. However, over the past few months, Google has introduced a number of new features which can help smaller businesses thrive.

Below is a list of new features that will allow small retailers to not only gain more leads and sales but also keep to a tight budget.

1. Custom Intent Audiences

Creating a display campaign is great for reaching potential customers when they are browsing their favourite websites. You could re-target an audience that has previously visited your website or reach new people who are interested in certain topics or websites. However, with the new custom intent audiences, you can target people who are specifically interested in buying the products you offer based on machine learning.

You can either create your own audience or let Google do the work and select one of the suggested audiences. With this tool, your display ads will no longer be shown to un-interested users. They will be shown to people who have the intent of actually making a purchase, meaning you will be paying for clicks that are much more likely to convert rather than wasting money on clicks that aren’t, which is great if you are conscious of keeping to a budget.

2. Promotion Extensions

aGoogle Adwords offers a number of ad extensions that are proven to improve the number of clicks your ads will receive. They offer more information on your business without cutting into the character limit of your adverts.

Just before the Christmas period, Google introduced a promotion extension. This allows businesses to display their special offers and promotions without having to create new adverts. You get the option to show a promo code, discount information and select a duration for your offer to run.

Google explains that 7 out of 10 internet users look for sales or discounts before visiting a store meaning not only will this extension make your adverts stand out on the search results page, it will help to attract more users to your website. It also means that ecommerce businesses can use the advert text to sell themselves and their USPs. For a small business, you should focus on what sets you apart from your competitors, perhaps there’s a bespoke service that you offer that larger businesses don’t?

3. Customer Match Targeting

Back in 2015 when it was launched, Customer Match only allowed businesses upload email addresses to reach their customers and leads. Adwords now allows users to also upload phone numbers and postal addresses to reach their customers.

This shift means that the match rate will be much higher. For example, with the old model, smaller businesses may not have many customer emails in their database, or Google may have a different email address for the individual than the marketer. With the new model, Google can match phone number and address data to the user provided data in Google Accounts such as Gmail accounts and YouTube accounts.

The new feature allows small businesses, who may not have hundreds of people on their mailing lists, use data provided by their customers to target their ads. This information can be collected during the online checkout process and newsletter or catalogue mailing lists for example. Just make sure your process is GDPR compliant and make the user aware you will be using their data.

Being a small business can have it’s challenges, however with Google launching new and exciting Adwords features on a regular basis, now is the perfect time to consider PPC. If you’re a small business owner and are interested in PPC advertising, get in touch with us today for a chat about how we can help you boost your business. If you want to find out how much PPC could impact your return on investment, check out this page.

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