Password Security - How Safe is Your Password?

You might of heard of the phrase “Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe,” and aside from the odd occasion when it has been the famous words between a wise wizard and hobbit, it still remains the best advice concerning your password and here’s why...

Last year In October 2013, the security breach which occurred across the Adobe database left millions of Adobe users vulnerable, as accounts were hacked and personal information was stolen.

It is said that copies of the data which was stolen have circulated the web, drawing close attention to some of the most common passwords which were used.

Here is our guide to creating a strong password which will help you to prevent your personal from being easily hacked.

A Strong Password Should Contain...

1. Numbers
2. Uppercase Letters
3. Lowercase Letters
4. Symbols found on your keyboard - @#!£$%

The Best Ways to Remember a Strong Password

If you find yourself in a position where you’re afraid you’ll forget your password, then why not consider creating a story or an acronym of something which will help you remember.

An example might be something like "I used to forget my password too many times" which you could recreate as the following: IU24GmP2MX@!

Remember, if you feel like you simply must write your passwords down, do not label it as your password! If you're having trouble thinking of a strong password then get in touch.

Good Habits

1. Update your passwords every 2 - 3 months
2. Try to relate your password to something only you know
3. Ensure you have enabled password recovery - mobile phone number, alternative email, secret question
4. Never share your password with anyone
5. Be aware of “phishing” attacks or false websites asking you to enter your personal details

Things You Ought to Avoid

1. Common word abbreviations and misspellings are things which could be guessed easily.
2. Repeated character sequence such as 123456, or 11111111, or letters aligned on your keyboard such as qwerty.
3. All personal information which is directly linked to you or your business - address, job industry, company name, date of birth and phone number.

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