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Paid advertising

Alrighty then, which cap fits?

New to PPC?

Heard on the grape vine that paid advertising could be the the way forward? You’re absolutely right! And here’s why in a nutshell:


  • Quickly get more visitors to your website
  • Get in front of the people who are looking for your products or services right now!
  • Everything is tracked - so you’ll know which advert and offer brought which client to you
  • You only pay when someone clicks on your advert
  • PPC can be quickly adjusted - what’s not working can be quickly paused and what is working can be quickly boosted
  • No bulk upfront costs
  • Find out exactly how your money has been spent and the exact reach and impact (As opposed to traditional marketing like newspapers, flyer drops, magazines, radio etc)


  • If a paid campaign is set up by someone who does not have PPC experience, money can be spent very quickly and not always in the right places!
  • PPC is becoming much more popular because of the results it delivers. So advertising costs can increase depending on your competition
  • There’s no automatic guarantee for PPC success - it depends on the quality of your website, your pricing structure, your conversion rate, the setup of the campaign and much more

So what makes us different?
And why choose us?

Finite Solutions


Cost Per Conversion Reduction - last 12 months vs previous 12 months

Ogden Fulfilment


Increase in Conversion Rate - last 12 months vs previous 12 months



Cost Per Conversion Reduction - last 12 months vs previous 12 months

Finite Solutions


Increase in Conversion Rate - last 12 months vs previous 12 months

Ogden Fulfilment


Cost Per Conversion Reduction - last 12 months vs previous 12 months

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We guarantee results!

If we don’t make you more money than your investment or get you the reach you’re looking for, we will give you your money back. In the world of PPC, experience and results count for everything. Our PPC management process is based around proper sound PPC strategies and we’ve got boat loads of case studies to prove it! Speaking of which, here’s a couple…

Where do we get the leads from?

We work with all the major platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Bing and LinkedIn. About 70% of our PPC management is around Google Adwords. Why? Well, no other search engine can offer the volume and reach that Google can.

We’re Google Certified up to our eyeballs!

All of our marketing team take regular Google exams, so not only do you get the best strategy from your team, you get the benefit of loads of cool stuff like early access to new exclusive Google credit vouchers, awesome Google Adwords features (before they become accessible to everyone) and much more.

These are the things we
do to make sure your
campaign really works:


Yes, this is the bit that gets you the most leads for the least amount of money. And we’re good at this. Woohoo! We’ll chat this through with you and suggest the best way forward.

Keyword Planning

We’ll give you a list of popular and super-relevant phrases people type into Google every day to find your kind of business - everything from monthly searches to seasonal trends.

Ad-copy Writing

How do we hook in the right customers to click on your ads? We write and regularly tweak the eye catching headlines. Getting people to click is only half the job, as you pay per click! So writing ads to get the right people to click - not the wrong people - is our special skill. We drill down and understand your offer to get the ads right for your business.

Setup & Ongoing Management

We know how to set up your PPC for success and have the certifications with Google to prove it! When the daily stream of data comes in we are on it - boosting and re-evaluating - to earn you the best ROI.

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Start your PPC plan today!

You want more business, right? Google Ads will bring more visitors to your website. With paid advertising managed by PS, you won’t just get more traffic to your website, you’ll get more customers!