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12th April 2013

Photography Apps - the best for your mobile!

Photography apps - chances are you've got at least one on your smart phone. Depending on the make of your phone, there will be different photography apps available to you.

Top photography apps for iPhone

There are many photography apps available for the iPhone, but here are our recommendations;

  • Instagram - it has to be listed. Despite not having a lot of complex filters and effects, it does it's job with minimal fuss.
  • Magic Shutter - everyone likes to take pictures, but this isn't exclusive to the day time. IPhone cameras a renowned for being a little bit dark... well not anymore, magic shutter instantly lights up and builds exposure on your dingy photos
  • Photogene - for the more photograph savvy of you, photogene may be a good choice for you. This photoshop style app is really great for editing.
  • Panorama - Want to shoot Panoramic shots? Then this is the  photography app for you. Its super quick too, letting you take 360 degree shots in under 30 seconds.

Top photography apps for Android

Regardless of whether you're a begginer at photography or consider yourself as more of an expert type person, these following apps will suit all abilities.

  • PicSay - This award winning photo editor for Android phones. You can do lots of things with PicSay such as colour correction, add speech bubbles, graphics, text, plus play with multiple effects.
  • Camera Pro Fun - Did you know that this Photo App lets you apply a live lens? The are around 30 to choose from, and the application is very easy and simple to use!
  • Vignette is a great photography app to have on your smart phone, there are over 70 customisable and 50 frames! There really is a lot of potential with this application, and a lot of choice.
  • Pixlr Express - It's free, it's fun! With more than 600 effects to play with you will find everything with this app.

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