Remarketing - What do you think of THOSE internet ads?

Remarketing - everyone using the Internet has experienced this. Not everyone knows what it is.

Have you ever seen an advert on the Internet that seems to be directly aimed at you? Something that you searched for last week such as a pair of shoes or a new kettle for your kitchen? You have the impression that some kind of spooky online all seeing wizard is watching you. It can be unnerving, but there is a simple reason why this happens.

Remarketing - what does it involve?

Remarketing is the process of attracting visitors back to your website. It allows you reach back out to those people that previously visited your website and perhaps didn't purchase anything. That's where those spooky adverts come in. They can appear on competitors sites whilst you are searching for specific products, in order to entice you back to a website you previously viewed. Sneaky huh?

Remarketing - from the webmasters perspective

If you're a webmaster and want a smart way to reach and attract your visitors, then remarketing is a fantastic way to do this. You simply add a little piece of code to all the pages of your website. This ensures that when people visit your site it logs them onto a remarketing list, which you can use to reach them via adverts.

There are 4 areas of cost for remarketing, these are as follows;

  • Cost per click for the Google Ad
  • The implementation of the code on key pages of your website
  • The addition or updating of the privacy policy on your website
  • The creation of remarketing ads

Did you know that implementing a remarketing campaign can boost your conversions by over 50% !

Remarketing - from the web browsers perspective

Remarketing can feel like an invasion of privacy at times, with companies watching what you're doing without permission. There are many web users who are disturbed by this and would like it to stop. The targeted ads are not often people's favourite thing to come across whilst browsing. Advertisers try very hard to know their target audience but the question is; do we want them to know us?

However, Google have made efforts to make people feel more comfortable with remarketing ads by explaining to users why they are seeing these ads. Do you as a user think this is enough? Please let us know your opinions.

Is it all bad? Without personalised adverts from site that you may actually like and visit often, there is likely to be other irrelevant ads promoting something that is not relevant to you at all.

What are your opinions?

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