26th September 2018

Resize your images!

resize image

It’s a well-known fact that slow loading websites have a huge part to play in high dropout rates and poor search engine rankings. As more and more websites today are self-managed it’s not uncommon to see huge images being uploaded and although many CMS (content management systems) are able to go some way to crunching the image, it’s still a long way short of where it needs to be to keep your website loading super fast.

What should you do?

Firstly, if your image is for website use only, it does not need to be any larger than 72dpi (dots per inch) and if you're uploading it directly from your camera chances are that the image will be between 240dpi and 300dpi which is great for print but totally unnecessary use online.

Secondly, your image does not need to be any wider than 1000 pixels as most of your visitor's screen resolution will be no more than 1024 pixels.

So what can you do to help keep your website super fast? Use an online image re-sizer such as


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