Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile and Tablet Friendly

A decade ago, mobile internet was virtually unheard of, but by 2008, analysts were predicting that ‘mobile would overtake fixed internet access by 2014’. Just seven years later, things are very different. Smartphones and tablets are now the most popular tools for web browsing. 80% of internet users own a smartphone and mobile internet usage is increasing all the time, with 57% of users accessing the internet via mobile, tablet and PC, as opposed to just PC.

What is Responsive Website Design?

Because the way users access the internet is continually evolving, it is essential that a website’s design is tailored for mobile devices as well as traditional computers. Responsive website design negates the need for mobile app development. Instead you can focus your resources on creating an optimal mobile user experience where the screen automatically resizes to suit the screen and other useful design features are included. Sounds great, right, but how can responsive website design help my business?

E-Commerce Websites

78% of smartphone users and 64% of tablet users will make a purchase from their devices, compared to only 61% of searchers from a PC or laptop. This illustrates just how significant mobile usage is and how important it is that your website is mobile friendly. Mobile users don’t want to have to scroll in and out on their device. A responsive website design means easy to use navigation and fewer clicks.

The benefits of this are obvious: a responsive website design optimised for mobile devices means increased return visitors and higher sales conversions.

Lead Generation Websites

Responsive website design is just as important for lead generation websites. Mobile users want easy to use navigation, simple mobile-friendly contact forms without lots of unnecessary fields, and a simple click to call button so they can make contact.

Creating a responsive lead generation website for mobile and tablet use could increase the amount of queries from potential customers and reduce the number of visitors who click straight back out, or ‘bounce’.

The Importance of Responsive Website Design

Two thirds of customers prefer mobile websites over apps. Users don’t want the hassle of downloading apps – it’s seen as an unnecessary barrier. They just want to visit your website, buy the product or find out your contact information. E-Commerce and lead generation via mobile devices is on the rise, so if you don’t adapt, your business will miss out.

For more information about how to make your website mobile and tablet friendly, give our team a call today. Or why not test your website using Google's free mobile-friendly tester.

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