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It’s estimated that nearly 6 billion internet searches are carried out every day online. With the number of live website’s rapidly increasing, being above your competition in the search engine results is just one factor which can greatly influence the likelihood of converting a visitor into a customer.

Building traffic through search engine optimisation ( SEO ) requires skill and careful consideration. If done right, the results can be outstanding. The SEO techniques that PS Website Design use are the most current in the industry today. Focusing on link building and on-page optimisation, our organic search targeting is tailored to your specific niche or market.

Our process in more detail…

SEO is not a one-step process and although as a trusted SEO company we provide a unique strategy for each website we work on, we always follow a step-by-step process to ensure we get the best results. If you want to know how long it takes achieve page one rankings, take a look at this article about “How long does it take to rank on Google’s First Page

Opportunity Analysis

On Page Optimisation

Keyword Research

Link Building



  1. Opportunity Analysis
    Before any effective SEO can take place, we will analyse the particular niche you’re wanting to direct your search engine marketing to. We will then provide you with a realistic estimation of the potential you can expect from your website and where the search engine marketing should be positioned within your marketing mix.

  2. Keyword Research
    The foundation for great result is to target the right keywords. At PS Website Design we use advanced tools that will uncover all the derivatives and significant phrases related to your website. We will report which terms to target – including the amount of times they are searched daily and how much competition there is for organic placement.  We will also report on the costs for pay-per-click placement.

  3. Strategy
    Once we’ve clearly identified your target market and potential conversion opportunities we will then develop a strategy which best meets your goals and objectives. We’ll highlight all the specific areas we need to test in order to achieve the best results possible.

  4. On Page Analysis & Optimisation
    Not only do we know what the search engines need to rank your website, by using the latest analytics software, we can also identify any obstacles it presents to your potential customers. This way we ensure you get the traffic you need AND you get the conversions.

  5. Link Building
    Once the structure and content of your site have been optimised the next step for outranking your competition is to undertake a plan for link building. As we build links on relevant and informative websites our link building campaigns will help to boost your page rank and also increase targeted traffic to your site.

  6. Reporting
    At the end of each month, we’ll provide you with a detailed report outlining your website’s search engine rankings for specific keyword phrases. We’ll also include key statistics which will show how the search engine optimisation works has impacted upon your website’s traffic performance.

A small sample of clients we've helped achieve page one rankings

  • WBRL

    Westbrook Resources Ltd

    International Trading

  • InFocus



  • search engine optimisation

    Sell Your Van

    Van Sales

  • Town Garage

    Town Garage


Town Garage

Phil Leeks, Town Garage

Cost effective marketing,

After meeting with Simon down at their offices in Ilkley we instructed them to go ahead and build us a brand new site and then to put a web marketing campaign together, which I can now report is well under way and already producing the kind of results I envisaged at the outset.

The site has been live for only four weeks and I am already receiving new business directly from the site as well as building a database of customers that can be marketed to directly via news letters or other email contact.

If you need a website design or seo company I have no hesitation to recommend Simon and his team to anybody looking to give their company a classy presence on the web as well as a practical and cost effective marketing.