A Few Things You Need to Know About SEO in 2014

Last year was indefinitely an eventful year in the world of SEO, with a multitude of updates and revised algorithms, many webmasters experienced a heavy workload.

Here are a few crucial SEO updates you need to know to keep ahead in 2014.

Y’arrrrr Anchor Text

Many years ago anchor text was used as a key component in order to optimise a website’s  search engine rankings. Today, although it is still regarded as a high ranking component, anchor text should be used with caution as it is often a key indication to the Google crawler robots of a potential spam website.

The best approach is to avoid too much unnatural keyword rich anchor text. This may involve using the most relevant long tail keyword phrases associated with your business.

Like it or not Social Media is on the Rise

The design and development of Google's social networking site Google+ has cost in excess of $500 million. Therefore it’s no wonder there is talk that social media is beginning to carry more weight, particularly in Google search engines. So if your business does not have a Google+ account it might be time to look into getting one.

Making Your Website Mobile 

Enabling your website to be mobile and tablet friendly, can often involve changing to the build of the website to what is known as a fluid or responsive design. A responsive design means that a mobile or tablet user can easily navigate around your website without having to unnecessarily scroll in or out.

Whilst this is not currently regarded as a factor which will directly affect your website, if your website is not visitor friendly, this will be reflected in your user metrics. And with the number of mobile and tablet users on the increase, it’s only a matter of time before Google includes it within their algorithm.

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