SEO Tools – Top 5 suggestions!

1 May 2013

SEO tools seem to be everywhere at the moment. If you work within search engine optimisation, chances are you’ve come across many tools on the Internet, promising to help you in this and in that. But which ones really work in helping you achieve successful SEO strategies?

Here’s our top picks and why they’re so great.

5 Great SEO Tools

SEO Browser – Allows you to view websites of your choice as a search engine see’s it. This is particulary useful for examining different parts of your website and making it more efficient for when the spiders crawl it.

Open Site Explorer – If you need to check out back-links for a specific site then this is one of the best SEO tools to use.  If you want to submit guest post for example, it’s always a good idea to look at the overall health of the website before you write for it.

SEO Quake -This is a fantastic extension to use when performing SEO activities, as it automatically checks domains whilst you work. As you are browsing the Internet you can see with no effort the health of a website including page ranking and link information.

Link Detox -It’s always a good idea to be aware if there are any potentially dangerous or toxic links to a domain, whether it’s your website, a clients or one which you want to write content for. Link Detox even tells you if website pages are not being indexed on Google and displays links from possible networks. If you have many links then it’s especially useful, as you can focus on individual links instead of them all at once.

Google Webmaster Tools – The definitive free software for SEO tools. Enabling you to see your website exactly how Google sees it, all important and useful information is displayed to you in a clear way, using this tool dramatically increases your chances of ranking higher on Google.

There are many different SEO Tools out there, and these are just our picks, but if you’re using something else and rate it – we’d love to know. So tweet us or Facebook us with your welcomed opinions about SEO tools.

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