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Social Media is a relatively new phenomenon and increasingly popular in today's environment.

However, in spite of its advanced and varied platforms for social networking, the concept itself is still fairly new. Some platforms may rise and some may fall but there is no denying that from now on Social Media will play a massive part in our lives.

In our opinion the advancement of Social Media reflects upon the ever-changing and evolving... us... humans.

So how can we comply with the etiquette of social media?

It may be confusing for many what to do once they create their account, especially if you have to use it for your work and you don't have experience. More over if you have never had a personal account and you have had to promote your business via Twitter or Facebook!

Well, fear not, here are some Social Media Guidlines;

  • Fill out your profile - don't do half-hearted attempts when filling out your profile details. It really doesn't show that you care about connecting with people.
  • Use your own image as a profile picture - please don't be tempted to upload a picture of your favourite cartoon character or likewise. A company in particular should demonstrate a personal and trustworthy attitude.
  • Remember not everyone is the same - if you send out a boat load of friend requests and some people just don't repsond.... it's not the end of the world. There are people who prefer to keep their social media accounts for their friends and family only.
  • Think about your screen names - be clear in your presence, don't just select your name/ screen name or address etc with no link whatsoever to your company marketing plan.
  • Don't be offensive - the whole 'any press is good press' concept doesn't really work with social networking. Being rude will give you a bad reputation, lose you followers and even get you reported.
  • Share valuable things - your followers appreciate valuable content, so keep giving them reasons to persist in following you.
  • Be Social - after all it's the purpose of social media! Comment on other's posts and activity, get yourself out there! Don't be scared, people don't bite and they will probably be glad of your interest.
  • Do not spam - try not to flood yours and everyone else's accounts with self-promotional material. It really doesn't make you look like a team player.
  • Be Genuine - you don't need to be fake or have another persona online. Your company especially should have a strong voice, one of which the target audience can relate to, and that should be portrayed in your social media ventures.

Businesses tend to peeve people off by using their Twitter account to say 'Like me on Facebook' or visa versa. It is really best practice to gain followers naturally, through involvement on social media sites.

Social network sites are still a new concept. Communication online should not be different from communication in reality. The best thing to remember is to just treat people as you would in real life, speak to them using real life etiquette.

Thanks for reading

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