Social Media Security - 3 Top Tips For Your Business

According to the Guardian, in 2013 Twitter reported that 250,000 accounts were hacked in a security breach last year. As social media is an important factor for many businesses looking to promote their company, ensuring your account remains secure is imperative. Here are our top tips to ensure your company’s social media accounts are as safe as possible.

1. "One Strong Password Per Social Media Account"

In an attempt to keep things simple, some companies may be tempted to use the same login password across all of their social media media accounts. Whilst this may make it easy for your employees to remember and quickly make new social media posts, if a hacker gets into one account they may also attempt to access your other social media accounts.

Top Tip: Create a strong password and try to avoid making your password related to your company or your business. For example if you are an IT company do not make your password something which can be easily guessed like Computer123 or Laptop1.

2. "Be Aware of the Content You Post About Your Company"

Remember when we forget our passwords there is often an option to answer a secret question in order to change the password to something new. Sometimes a secret question will ask for an address or something which you will easily remember in case you forget your password. If the answer to your secret question can be easily found in a post you have previously updated, this may allow a potential hacker to easily research the information required.

3. "Go Direct to the Social Networking Website"

Be aware of hackers which use falsified links which lead to a replicated login page asking for your login details. To avoid this we would advise going directly to the social media network by either typing the URL directly into your browser or using your own personal bookmarks.

Top Tip: If you have set your browser to automatically remember your login details, don't forget to logout after an appropriate length of time to maintain your accounts security.

Remember: Even if you have closed your browsing window to the social media network you were using, you may still be logged in to your account. So log out before you close down.

 If you need further help or advice on how you can improve you business' social media account contact us today.

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