Lost for Words About the New Social Media Website - Favourite Words?

You might not of heard about it but there is a new social media network called Favourite Words which is designed to connect people together via words. This might be the words which you most commonly use on a daily basis, words which mean the most to you, or words which reflect on your personality or interests.

Favourite Words (at the current time of writing) has recently been launched by serial web entrepreneur - Shavkat Karimov. The main objective of Favourite Words is to link people together who have the similar interests.

Acclaimed Advantages

1. Good for society and helps people to understand themselves better

2. Find people with similar interests quickly and safely

3. Fast and easy to use

Possible Uses

Self Improvement - know more about yourself and the friends and family. Perhaps if you are buying a gift for a friend that you don’t know that well this may come in handy.

Creativity and Inspiration - it could be particularly useful for people with the writing and marketing industry.

Word-type Diary - it may work well as a wish list for past, present or future personal plans and achievements.

What This Could Mean for Social Media Marketing?

If Favourite Words does devleop into a popular social media network it might mean that many social media marketers can more accurately reach their target audience. This might possibly result in higher conversion ratios for many businesses looking for ways to market their company, products or services.

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