The team behind PS Website Design

During every step along the development process, we make sure that our solutions are adding value to your business. We test and re-test them to ensure they consistently deliver the results you want.

After launch, we keep your website robust, relevant and supporting your business strategy. That’s how we deliver the highest-quality design and trailblazing technology at competitive rates.

Team Member

Simon Middleton

Founder | Creative Director

Simon exercises an impeccable design sense and meticulous attention to detail. With a diverse skill set and background, his love for the digital world and experience in business has helped a wide range of companies to succeed online. On his days off Simon enjoys mountain biking, photography, city breaks and eating out.

Team Member

Sandy Lightowler

Account Director

Sandy has worked within the design industry for over 14 years. Renowned for her "dog with a bone" approach, Sandy makes sure every project is delivered effectively and on time. On top of all her hard work she enjoys playing tennis, running and spending time outdoors.

Team Member

Jamie Gill

Web Developer

With ninja coding skills, Jamie turns every website he touches into the perfect online presence on which to base your business. From big e-commerce solutions to small local business sites, as our web developer his job is to make your website not just work but work its hardest. Jamie loves a challenge, and hates Internet Explorer. He's never been known to turn down a coffee.

Team Member

Anthony Jocelyn

Web Developer

Developing your website and ensuring it's not going to let you down, Anthony takes pride in crafting your website's code to look good. With the skills to make even the simplest website have a big impact, pixel perfect websites are his forté. Anthony likes seeing live bands, watching classic films and online gaming.

Team Member

Naomi Farrar

Graphic Designer

As our designer, Naomi uses her skills with type, colour and pixels to create designs for websites, print and branding, to mention a few. Whether it's choosing fonts or picking Pantones, every detail gets considered. Naomi can often be found running or getting stuck into a good crime novel. She's not from Yorkshire, but we forgive her for that.

Team Member

Emma Buckee

Graphic Designer

As well as her duties as a designer, Emma is also the resident eagle-eye and in-house baker, with a keen eye for typos and a love of all things cake. Her eye for detail means that each design has been meticulously thought-through before being delivered to the client. Emma can often be found drawing, talking about her love of dogs to anyone who will listen, or striving to bake the perfect brownie

Team Member

Alex Brooke

Marketing Manager

With his marketing skills, SEO insights and PPC knowledge, Alex is the guy who'll help make the most of your website when it's ready to go and keep your website working for you. Alex likes to play pool and go jogging (not at the same time) and enjoys creating the most interesting lunches in the kitchen.

Team Member

Robbie Miller

Digital Strategist

When he’s not playing Cricket for Ben Rhydding, socialising at Bradford City games or supporting Liverpool when they play, Robbie is working to understand all the requirements your online presence needs. Setting out the initial brief and making sure that each goal will be met, he will make sure we’re getting the most out of your project.

Team Member

Stuart Miller

New Business Development Manager

Stuart takes the time to understand your business needs and identify your website goals so we can ensure your new site works for you. Stuart loves watching Bradford City and playing Golf. He has a passion for Athletics and represents the Great Britain Decathlete and British record holder John Lane.

Team Member

Andy Parton

Account/Project Manager

Andy has worked across TV and video content over the last 15 years as project manager/producer. He has a real passion for the digital world and interactive content as a whole and will ensure your project is delivered on budget and on time. Andy loves travel, music, sport and with Ilkley Moor on his doorstep, can mostly be found exploring the local countryside by foot or on mountain bike at weekends.

Team Member

Lindsey Cowgill

Digital Marketing Executive

With a broad range of marketing skills, Lindsey is able to work on both B2B & B2C campaigns. Her down to earth personality enables her to easily swap Marketing hats and she's not afraid to roll up her sleeves. Known for her Cheshire Cat grin - she beams at the thought of a good meal or a large cocktail.

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