Top PPC Landing Page Tips to Keep Under Your Wing

If you’re running a pay per click (PPC) campaign it doesn’t matter how relevant your keywords are or how compelling your ad text is, if your landing page doesn’t meet the visitor’s needs and expectations, it’s likely you’re going to be missing out on conversions.

This blog post looks at the essential landing page tips which will help to ensure your conversion rates are sky high.



Clearly Define Your Marketing Goals

When you are sending a visitor to a web page from a paid advert, it's important to ensure your landing page is as simple and relevant to the visitor's needs and expectations as possible.

For Example: You are an ecommerce women's clothes store selling shoes, dresses, skirts, underwear, handbags and accessories. Your keyword phrases and adverts focus around the theme of  "leather handbags". By sending a visitor to a generic homepage, you are not only causing the visitor an inconvenience by making them search for "leather handbags", you could also be missing out on the opportunity to offer promotions or other buying incentives.

Appeal To Your Target Audience

When a visitor lands on your webpage it's vital that it meets the needs and desires of your customers. For example if your website looks like it's dated, it's likely that the visitor will think similarly of your products or services. Below are some key points which you should focus upon in order to get more from your landing page.

  • Include recent customer testimonials
  • Ensure your website content focuses on the customer
  • If you're an E-Commerce website include secure areas for sensitive information (SSL certifications)
  • If you are showcasing your services online make sure you show previous examples of work
  • Ensure your web page has high-quality, clear images
  • Make sure your social media profile is recent and active
  • Make sure your website is up-to-date (including copyright tags, phone numbers, email address etc)

Keep it Clear, Consistent and Simple

Don't try and ask your visitor to do too much on the page. Keep things simple so that the visitor understands what you are offering and more importantly how your products or services can help them.

For E-Commerce Landing Pages:

  • Make sure your content is simple and easy to read. Ensure that the text which is the most important to your product is included at the top of the page where the visitor is most likely to see it. This includes delivery information item dimensions and of course product price.
  • Make sure vital components on the page are easy for the visitor to recognise. This includes: a noticeable purchase button, a noticeable add to shopping cart action and up-sell opportunities.
  • If you're sending visitors to a product category page which contains various similar products, make sure the visitor knows how to get back to look at similar items if they wish to do so.

For Landing Pages Designed to Generate Enquiries:

  • Be as informative about your services as possible. Try and include information which potential visitors are likely to ask or include an FAQ section.
  • Include compelling call to action text to encourage users to make an enquiry.
  • Ensure your contact form is simple. If users have to enter additional information which they find unnecessary, they might leave your page without completing the enquiry form.

Top Tip: If you feel that you cannot simplify your contact form any further and it still looks complicated, explain to the user why the information is important or what the information will be used for.

For example - you might say for the "email address" field, something like "we will use this email address to send you some samples of our work". This will help reassure that you are using your visitors' personal information for their benefit, which will help improve the chances of them filling out a contact form.

If you would like further help and advice on how to improve your Pay Per Click campaign check out our pay per click management services

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