Should I use Twitter Ads?

So you’re looking into digital advertising? 

Chances are, if you’re looking into digital ads, you’ve already considered Google and Facebook as platforms for your ad campaigns. But, have you spared a thought for the benefits of Twitter Ads? Had you even considered it? Before you go ahead with your advertising, check out some of the unique things you can do with Twitter Ads!

Keyword and Hashtag Ad Targeting

One of the most exciting things about creating advertising campaigns on this social network is the ability to target people using specific keywords and hashtags! Want to target keywords related to your business or even a cheeky #tbt ? No problem, Twitter can do it!

Keyword and Hashtag Ad Targeting

And, just like Facebook, you can still pick out any interests, demographics and discussion topics you fancy. Twitter will even provide you with keyword and hashtag recommendations, like the ones above, related to what you’re already targeting, which is extremely helpful and user friendly.

When using Facebook, it can be much more challenging to narrow down an audience because you’re limited to the interests that Facebook already has in its taxonomy. For example, we can’t always directly target a client’s competition. With Twitter, you are able to target anything you like, just like you would with a Google Ads campaign. Just watch out for spelling mistakes! 

Along with this, you’re able to target trending hashtags and deliver the right ads at the right moment. For example, if you’re advertising flowers it could be as simple as targeting the keyword “Valentine’s Day” and #ValentinesDay 

Follower Look-alikes

Just to add to this marvellous simplicity, you can also target follower look-alikes of specific accounts. In Twitter’s words: Target people with interests similar to an account's followers. For example, enter @TwitterAds to target people likely to be interested in advertising on Twitter. 

This allows you to target your competition’s following a lot easier and find people that are more likely to interact with your account. With Facebook, unless it’s part of their taxonomy, there’s a lot more research and investigation that needs to happen, to ensure your targeting beats your competitors as much as possible. Even then, there’s no way to tell for sure!


Engager Targeting

Looking to advertise to those people already engaged with your brand? Well, Twitter can do that too!

Twitter offers the unique ability to advertise to people who have previously engaged with your tweets, so you can target your most valuable and engaged prospects. It’s way easier to get conversions from social media engagement because you’ve built a customer-brand relationship, which in turn can strengthen brand loyalty. 

User friendly

Twitter Ads has a much simpler interface than Google or Facebook and any account can access Twitter’s services - you don’t have to be linked to a business page. In fact, there’s no such thing as a specific business page on Twitter, every account is the same. Anyone can start a Twitter Ads campaign if they wanted to (even that one weird relative that only shares memes!).

With Facebook you can create ads through post boosting, ads manager or business manager. Each one of these requires a different level of understanding and a huge amount of practice. With twitter, you can jump straight in there and get advertising! 

User Friendly

An overview of the advertising objectives available in Twitter, including engagements, video views and app installs.

Should I only use Twitter then?

The short answer is... no! Twitter can often give more bang for your buck and we’d recommend using it for the strengths provided above. But that doesn’t mean it should be your only advertising option.

If you’re a Twitter-only influencer/guru who has focused all their effort on that platform, then it’s not rocket science that there’s no point wasting money elsewhere.

However, you need to advertise where your audience is. So if you have a business or brand with prospects on multiple social media channels, you’re going to want to experiment with advertising platforms to see what works best. Whichever channel you use, it’s important to get the right advertising strategy in place and understand what makes a successful campaign… and that’s where we come in!


PS can help you decide which advertising methods are the best for your business goals, if not all of them. Let us know if you want to pop in for a chat about your social media advertising campaign and we’ll stick the kettle on!

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