How to Give Your Business More Love on Valentine's Day 2014

Valentine’s day is worth a £1.3 Billion to UK retailers, according to British Retail Consortium. With that said, if your business doesn't take advantage, you're going to miss out on generating more revenue for your Ecommerce business. Here are some of our top tips about how you could generate more business over the romantic period.

“Two Is Stronger Than One”

Remember shoppers are always looking for ways to save time and money. So if your business doesn't directly relate to the consumer Valentine’s market, then find a company that does. By teaming up with another company, you will provide more of an incentive for customers to choose your business and ultimately, increase your chances of generating more business revenue.

If you own a car valeting business, why not partner up with a chocolatier and offer a luxury box of chocolates with every service?

“Share the Love”

When creating a Valentine’s marketing campaign it’s important to consider your target audience. Don't just limit your products or services to “relationships” as there is also an opportunity to market your products or services for parents, animals, friends and children.

Top Tip - if your products or services focus on both people who are in a “relationship” consider using words such as “partner” or “date” and be sure to consider all types and variations of relationships in order to best appeal to a wider target audience.

Social media is a great way to get publicity and feedback from potential customers. For the best results use a variety of social media channels to best showcase your products or services.

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Money Can't Buy Love” ... But it Can Buy Gifts

According to the National Retail Federation, it’s estimated that men will typically spend double the amount of money than women on Valentines day.

An email marketing campaign is a great way to market your products to your target audience. It’s worthwhile spending some time to separate different consumer groups at least into male and female categories.

As Valentine’s day is often considered to be of the most personal holidays of the year; the consumer is often on the lookout to spot something which is different or unique which will stand out from the crowd. If you have created an email campaign which is more personalised to your target audience, you might have more of a chance of increasing your business revenue.

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