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Where to start with your website redesign

Don’t redesign your website unless you have: discussed how to avoid the redesign trap, talked about a migration strategy, and of course... spoken to us first.

... A brand new
website to fix all sales
& marketing issues...

... One year later...

... It doesn't perform any

... Executive decision to
fix issues by...

1. The redesign trap!

We see it ALL the time- website redesigns that just focus on improving appearance. On the surface, a better looking website can seem like it has undergone a great transformation. However, several months down the line you then realise it’s not had the impact that you’d expected. Uh oh! ...and then you’re back on t’internet, looking at another website redesign.

We’ve a strategy that overcomes this ('course we’re not going to write this here because it would give it away to our competition!) so if you bob in we will be happy to talk you through it with a cuppa Yorkshire tea and some posh Betty’s cake (just one, we are from Yorkshire after all).

Sandra Lightowler

2. Redesigning a website without a migration strategy is nuts!

When you change a website by adding or removing different elements, you can affect the way Google looks at your website and you’re more than likely going to risk damaging where you appear within the search results. We get extremely nervous when we hear about clients who are considering redesigning their website without a proper migration strategy. Chances are something will go wrong. And it usually does!

Yes, we have a hoofing great list that helps to form this strategy, which covers some of the following (and loads more):

  • Visitor interaction
  • Current web page rankings
  • Existing Site structure
  • Link profile analysis
  • Web page content review
  • Any areas of your website which are driving traffic
Salt & Vinegar Seabrook Crisps

What we did for Seabrook Crisps

We took the existing, underperforming ecommerce website of our favourite crisp brand and gave their online presence a complete overhaul. Here's a peek into what that involved:

  • Redesign of the entire website
  • Animated graphics to bring the brand to life
  • Building on a swish new ecommerce platform
  • Creating a more user friendly ecommerce experience
  • Custom email and landing page designs to drive traffic
    to the site
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